Friday, March 14, 2008

Oh. Brother.

So Andy and I are in the "market" for a new vehicle. Our van has many many issues. MANY. It is almost embarrassing. I was just thinking the other day how excited we were when we got it. We only had one child, needed a new car and knew we wanted more kiddos so we went for it. A mini van. I honestly felt so cool. I know people hate mini vans and their is such a stigma to them, but I always knew when I needed a mini van that meant I was big time. I was a parent, a mom, doing what I had always wanted to do.

So when we got the mini van it was awesome. I remember thinking I never wanted to get rid of it. Here is what helped with the cool factor. Not only did it have a huge screened DVD player, but BUILT IN CAR SEATS! Does it get better than that. It is so nice not having those huge car seats take up all your space and when you don't have the kids you close them up and VOILA no more care seats. See, nice huh?

So for 6 months basically I have checked craigslist or autotrader nearly everyday. What we really need and would like is WAY to pricey to buy brand new so we are looking for a 2006/2007 GREAT deal. There are a few problems. Since I have been looking for so long, I am getting more and more picky as we go. I will not buy anything with out the DVD system, there is no way I will go back to no entertainment system in our car. I would really prefer leather, because our van looks horrible and how nice would it be to wipe off the seats?, and we need there to be a bench seat in the middle giving us more seating. If we are going bigger, why no GO BIGGER. Plus I am not having fun reaching Maddox over the other two to get him in the back. I would love to have a three seater right behind me.

So all this being said. We thought we found the perfect car last week and no such luck. It was a Denali that I loved from the pictures. IT even had adjustable pedals which we all know I for sure would need. AND a back up camera which could really be helpful. It sold minutes before we got there. Skip to tonight we drove into West County to see what we hoped to be our future car and again no such luck. I know this is very stereotypical, but man car salesman are relentless, annoying and pushy. I probably could have just gone with pushy right? Well they are. He kept showing us things over and over and every single one of them had two captain seats in the middle. PA-LEASE Already. He did show us a Suburban that was ok, but I don't really love those unless they are a certain type and this was not the type. The poor guy must have really been hurting for a sale because he offered over 4 cars for us to drive home with us and decide from there. He kept showing us an Envoy that seats 7, we already have a 7 seater that is costing us nothing. Anyway, he was not happy that we walked away without being new car owners. Believe me I was too. But looking for 6 months, there is no way I am going to settle for something that is ok, I want something we love that will be great for our family.

I am sure I have lost many of you by now, but if any of you have a great vehicle that you love, please share the info with us. Thank you! And now I must go repent for being so mean about the "salesman".


Paige said...

Oh, I feel your pain. Hang in there. You will find the perfect vehicle. Just pray the van holds out that long. And you heard our salesman story. UGH. I think that buying online is the way to go.

Joy said...

Oh man, I feel your pain. We looked for over 6 months when we found out I was having triplets. Like you, I wanted a car that I could have all 3 of the girls in the row behind me. We got the Infiniti QX56 and I LOVE it! The second row has MUCH more room than a Denali (believe me, we did our research) and its SO easy to get carseats/babies in and out. Obviously, we have a bench row in the 2nd row and its great. And, the 3rd row is actually functional. Last weekend the Katzoff's visited us in Chicago and Denae, Taj (with his carseat) and I all sat in the 3rd row, the girls (and carseats, obviously) were in the 2nd row and Aaron and Ben were up front. I'm not kidding when I say that we were all comfortable! Anyway, if you can't tell by my ridiculously LONG comment (should have sent an email) we LOVE our car! Love it! Oh, and it definitely has all the options you are looking for! :)

Jackie said...

I'm not sure saleswomen are any better though. We had one sell us our current car and while she was one of the "best salespersons" she seemed a little vague on the details of the car. Luckily we did research on our own. Car shopping is a headache in my opinion but it is sure nice to get what you want at the price you want. Good luck!

jello said...

We recommend either the GMC Acadia or the Saturn Outlook. They are larger crossovers than the Chevy Equinox or the Pontiac Torrent. They seat 7/8. They drive like cars. We have an Acadia and it has it's roominess, functionality and nice features. The Mansfields drive an Outlook. Very similar and the earliest models debuted in 2007. Good luck with the car hunt.

Alison said...

I think you know we love our Odyssey. Hands down love IT. That is my vote.

April said...

Can't help with the car hunt, but wanted to say I loved your comment about how you felt when you bought your first mini van. You are TOTALLY big time, Terica!