Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Oh Jadeyn, How do I Love Thee

Can I just say how much I love this girl. I mean seriously having her in my life just makes me so happy.

She is so fun. She is 110% ALL girl. She is the mama of our family, the care taker. She has to tuck everyone is. The second someone is crying she is running to their rescue. She loves baby dolls, she loves getting her hair done, she loves babies, she loves pink and princesses. I would say though her number one love is books. There is not a time during the day that she does not have a book in her hand, and if she doesn't you can be sure she is on her way to the book shelf to find one. She sits and "reads" for hours. I love that about her. She also has a new smile for the camera which is shown below. She always wants to see the picture after it is taken too and she will say "Yay, for JJ"! She is also in the anti-eating phase too. She has no problem eating snacks at anytime, but put her in the chair to eat and she will not take one bite. I remember this being the age, the magical I am two and I do not eat, stage, so I am not too worried about it.

Along with being our only little girl she is also so compassionate. If I have not gotten at least 50 hugs and kisses randomly from her it is an off day for her. And when she comes to give you one of her loves she runs to you like it has been days since she has seen you. I love it. Another funny thing they do is when I give them a snack or a drink whoever is in the kitchen takes one to the other two. It is endearing. She can also throw and mean fit when she wants to. That, not so much endearing.

I love this girl and I am glad that if I only get one at least it is this one!

My BFF from high school came to town for a visit. It was great to see her and great for Jadeyn Caroline to spend a little time with her namesake. To me she is Carrie, but her name is Caroline.


Jackie said...

Oh I wish I wish I had a girl to call my own! I hope someday! Reading this makes me excited to have a girl someday but if it is not meant to be, I will just have to double up on my auntie efforts...
She is ADORABLE!!!

Karyn said...

Jadeyn's hair is so long! It seems like she has grown overnight. She is so cute and girly!

Meg said...

That third picture is hilarious! She is so precious! How lucky you are to have a girly girl! :) You'll have a shopping buddy for life now!