Monday, March 3, 2008

What's for Dinner?

I hate this question. And I have noticed on a few different blogs and talks with friends that this is a common question many people do not like.

Why is it so hard to feed my family. I actually do not think it is hard to feed them necessarily, but I find it hard to feed them a healthy balanced meal. Breakfast is easy. No problems there. Lunch isn't too bad, but by the time dinner rolls around I feel guilty like I am not creating this healthy good meal. I hate the guilt. I am tired of the same ole same ole.

Now I know how talented and amazing all of my blogger friends are so if you have any suggestions hit me. Or perhaps you would like to create my meal plan for the week?


Christy said...

I am sure you are the best at dinners. I feel the same way but at least they get a healthy breakfast and lunch!

Jackie said...

Terica and Family, do you want to come over for dinner? :) If you are willing to make the drive up to Champaign, we'd love to give you a night off of cooking! I must admit, I am not the best with breakfast and lunch but I can handle the dinner part. Lunch ends up with leftovers anyways. Half the time we don't eat breakfast. Tonite I made dinner for the Georges and I tried doing a diabetic meal but it ended up not being a hit with the kids - it is hard to find something healthy AND popular with the little ones.

Alison said...

Dinner is so hard for me too! The kids are pretty picky so we have a lot of chicken nuggets, hot dogs, etc. so yes, I feel really guilty a lot! Last week I had great success with sloppy joes! EVERYBODY ate them right up! I used ground turkey and cooked it with shredded carrots (they couldn't see them so they ate them). Also they seem to like tacos a lot too. I'm interested in what other suggestions show up here. =) Good luck tonight with what ever you have planned! =)

Bonnie and Brian Wayne said...

Lately that has been my major hang up. I don't look up new recipes and I just make due with what is in the fridge. That means I usually make the same things over and over - YAWN!!!

My mother in law is REALLY good - every time they have company she makes something new. It would be nice if I would heed the example!

sara b said...

I know what you mean. Either I don't plan well for dinner and just throw in another frozen pizza or I do plan to make a homemade dinner and end up spending two hours cooking it only to have the kids turn up their noses!

Jackie said...

Ok, so dinner time is way too fun for me. I don't have fabulous meal plans but I can tell you what we've had this past week...

Sat- I had some leftover chicken curry (w/potatoes, carrots, onions) I froze a while back so I reheated that and made some rice.
Sun - Balti Chicken (Indian) w/tomatoes, side of steamed cauliflower and basmati rice and mango pudding dessert (from box) w/mangoes
Mon - Pork tenderloin w/mango salsa, oven roasted root veggies, romaine salad with blackeyed peas/sprouts/corn/tomatoes/cheese/peppercorn dressing and rice crispies for dessert
Tues - tacos with all the fixins. Used leftover mango salsa
Wed - chicken enchiladas (used canned chicken to make it fast and I was out of fresh), black beans (in crockpot), and quinoa and had some almond pudding/custard dessert (we had company this day)
Thurs - hawaiian haystacks to use up some canned chicken. Fixins are fresh pineapple, peas, cheese, coconut, crispy chow mein noodles, rice, green onions, chicken gravy from mix.(my boy really liked this one)

We had a good week but not every week is like this. I love having some leftovers to freeze for another day. But most leftovers end up being lunch the next day. Good luck!

Kristin said...

Um...our meal plan is often Market Day which our school sells each month as a fundraiser...Market Day is kind of like Schwann's.

I don't know about you, but I'm going to Jackie's for dinner.

terica said...

Ah,yeah me too! I want Jackie to be my new neighbor! I remember market day, I love their stuff!