Sunday, March 23, 2008

We found success...

Say good bye to the mini van and hello to the gas guzzler.
No more hours spent on craiglist and autotrader
...what will I do with my time?
Oh yeah, we got a Nissan Aramada LE.
It is huge.
It fits 8 comfortably.
It has the three things I really wanted, leather, DVD, and seats 8.
And many many more fun things, like adjustable pedals, a navi, a large trunk and a rear camera.
We love it and feel very grateful for our find!
Pictures may come...if I ever get around to it!


Paige said...

Um, you can use that time to take pictures or maybe a video of your new gasguzzler and post them!!

April said...

What'd you get???

Jackie said...

Can't wait to see it! Congrats! Hey if you are going to be around during gen. conf. weekend we will be down there so maybe you could pick us up in your new ride and we can go cruisin.... just don't give Neal the keys...

terica said...

We need to get together for sure! That would be so fun. I remember Neals driving all too well. I will hide my keys. I have a great story about his driving I will have to tell you!