Monday, December 8, 2008


so i was sitting on the couch feeding little paxton and i see bennett holding jadeyn. so cute. he is not that much bigger than her. she has an ouie and he is tapping it and i ask him why he is doing that and he proceeds to tell me that when he gets ouies he taps them and then they don't hurt. how nice of him to help her in her time of

i hear cortland at the table eating a peppermint stick that was just dropped off with a bunch of treats with a card attached reading you are loved, and he is telling daddy his candy corn fell in his water. all candy to him and jadeyn and maddox is candy corn. i may or may not have bribed them with to their beds for nap time during the last two weeks of my pregnancy with candy corns...shh do not tell my husband the dentist!

andy is "hosing" down maddox after a scrumptious dinner of spaghetti.

cortland is sticky.

jadeyn and bennett have now gone downstairs to the play room.

paxton is full.

my heart is SO full with SO much joy. I AM LOVED.


Sariah English said...

Sounds like a party at your house!

jello said...

hey we got the same surprise box of cookies. that's cool somebody thought of us. any ideas who it might be from?