Monday, December 8, 2008

This week

Just sitting here typing my title has made me realize seconds are passing and I am not up doing what I need to be doing. I feel like this week is going to be slightly stressful and very busy. I have several engagements, a house to clean, laundry to keep up with, pictures to take, crafts to make, cards to address, a basement to decorate, a guest bedroom to prepare( we visitors coming Saturday for the holiday), a twin birthday party (princess & cars), oh and keep up with four small children one being a newborn, one being a one year old and two two years (not for long). Ok now I really am stressing out. Not to mention I have to download so many pictures, which is why I haven't really blogged lately because I don't have my picture available! I have a lot to do. Not to mention I am about 4 blogs behind on here. I have a lot to catch up on. Hopefully those will be posted later on today, that is on my list for the day. If you see them on here later you will know I am keeping to my list, if you don't you will know I am lazy!

Upcoming blogs...
The couch saga...ended!
Baby shower
Basement pics
Monday Makeover...master bedroom edition
Decorating for Christmas
Andy's office party at The Melting Pot
Smiling little Paxton

PS my little Cortland is SO sweet. He is just a sweet little boy with WAY WAY much enthusiasm. When sent to time out which is hardly ever he sits there forever and does not ever get up until I tell him he can, and sometimes I forget. He sits and sits like such a good little boy. So sweet. I love that boy so much. He is also just so over joyed by his upcoming birthday and Merry Christmas which is what he refers to everything Christmas. It is so cute how very excited he is ALL the time!


Maryann said...

I hope you get everything done on your To Do list but if you don't get everything done at least enjoy your part at the Melting Pot. That is such a fun place.

Sariah English said...

Hang in there! You can do it! I understand how you are feeling. Lock yourself in your craft room for an evening and just foucus on you. It will help!

Amber said...

My sweet little Gary is the same way in time out. He just sits so quiet that I forget he is in timeout. When I come get him he gives me a big hug and kiss.
I look forward to your blog updates!