Monday, December 1, 2008

the couch saga continues...

i am so happy so many of you get my frustrations with this whole couch situation. i have gotten over 20 emails or facebook messages or replies on my blog on whether or not we have gotten our couch into our basement. the answer is no my friends...sad i know.

it is sitting in our living room at the moment. the couch for the living room should be here any day so we are hoping the big ole sectional will be in the basement any day. we finally got a hold of the guy who is doing our basement and he said, oh we will get it down there, we have gotten a couch down there for an old lady once. well he kept telling andy he would get it in there and was supposed to be here at 1 to "get it in there". andy told him that we have tried three different times with three different groups of guys and no one has been able to do it, but he still seems to think he can.

andy spent all day friday and some of saturday digging around the window well and finally gave up claiming the well never ends. he had me believing it comes out at the other end of the world. it is that deep he thinks. his poor back, legs and arms are killing him. what a trooper. he apparently really loves this couch.

anyway, we are hoping that guy can come and magically get it down there. whatever it takes he said, even if he had to rough up the house, he could just fix it. i am pretty sure it would rough up the couch before it would rough up the house, but we will see. hopefully the next update on the couch will be that it is down in the basement and will be for the life of the home...when we sell it will say something like free couch with purchase...lucky new homeowners!

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Alison said...

Terica-Thanks for you nice comment on my blog. I'm so grateful to friends like you who prayed non stop for our girls. I know prayer played a huge role in their recovery. I guess you have some birthdays coming up too! I can't believe 3 years has already gone by! WOW! And you have 2 more! You are amazing Terica! Good luck with the couch! =)