Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Two updates...

Andy dug and dug the day after Thanksgiving...13 hours to be exact. Frozen ground + too small shovel+little man power=not getting the couch in the basement!
I am not sure if I have actually posted on here, but we did get our couch into our basement! I am so surprised by how many of you have been so concerned by this. I had over 5 people ask about them in the Christmas cards and have had several emails. All I can say is now I am wishing we would have chose the walk out basement, but those things creep me out!My brother Kyle and his vast amount of tools came to the rescue and after about an hour of digging the decided to just cut the well to the window in half and then after the couch was in just put it back together with some tools and stuff(no idea), but it worked! Kyle got a whole cheesecake to take home. That was the least I could do to get our couch in the house FINALLY!!!

I mentioned a few months ago that we have a million dollar baby. Paxtons stay in the hospital was not cheap. That being said, there is NO dollar amount you could put on your baby's health, so I am not complaining. It was just absurd how expensive it was. Over 200,000 grand! After it was all said and done, we were responsible for a large amount. Over 30 thousand dollars. Well after calling the insurance company and talking the hospital, we got our final bill yesterday. Six hundred and forty two dollars. We do still owe to two other hospitals, but I have to say getting that bill brought tears to my eyes. It is amazing what having faith and paying your tithing will do! I think we will get away with owing around 5 thousand and that is including both of us! That is far from what we were needing to pay in the first place. I feel so grateful being blessed as much as I am.

Another funny update...I have mentioned that I have been getting a whole new mouth thanks to my hubby, the dentist! We have three sides done. We only need to do one more side and the front. That is what I am dredding. A needle in the front of the mouth is NO good! Anyway he needed to make an impression so instead of me going into the office he brought the office to me. This brings a whole new meaning of bringing your work home. I walked upstairs and it was all laid out ready for me. I was shocked! It all worked out now and I have a beautiful new white bridge to show for it!

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