Saturday, November 29, 2008

on my to do list

today i had to do...
go to bed bath and beyond and take back curtains
go to sam's and get tire pressure checked on my armada
go to walmart
go to goodwill and drop off two bags of clothes
go to the bank and deposit my Christmas club check from my grandma and grandpa
organize my craft room which looks like two homes combined all their junk and threw it in their
hang two sets of curtains
hang up bathroom fixtures in basement
hang up shower curtain in bathroom and rod
hang up curtains in guest bedroom
sand a table
paint a table
paint stars
paint two chairs
cheer andy on while digging a huge whole in our yard for that darn couch
put up Christmas stuff
make cookies for YW who helped me weeks ago
fold, hang up and put away loads upon loads of laundry
clean and vacuum both cars
finish the twins birthday invites
start Christmas cards
start dozens of crafts

Things I got done...
it is too depressing to write, to say the least no too many of the above jobs were completed today

oh and andy wanted to see a movie and we can NEVER find a babysitter!


gloria said...


Sarah said...


Whenever I am home, I will babysit!! :)

Michelle said...

You know you can always call me, except that day because we were out of town.