Tuesday, June 9, 2009

It's a Mac and Cheese kind of night

What a day. Well what a last couple of days. Since returning from our wonderful vacation, I have been totally and completely wrapped up in this horrible ear infection. Tonight after days of antibiotics and pain medicine, I decided to go to urgent care.

As soon as Andy got home I jumped in the car and left. As I pulled up to the urgent care place, which happens to be the same office my OB is in, it looked like it was closed. There were only three cars in the lot. I thought either it is closed and I was really bummed because I did not want to go to the ER, or there was hardly anyone there and I would be lucky to not have to wait. Lucky I was, there were only three people in there and I was called right up and seen right away. After explaining to the young doctor I was still in so much pain and it really wasn't getting much better, he looked in my ear and said he could not get the scope in far enough to see the ear drum, but he confirmed the outer ear infection again. Yes, I know that, but why are the meds not working is what I wanted to know. Well apparently I needed some drops that I didn't have, so he gave them to me and sent me on my way.

Well before I left, I decided to not take my pain meds, because I was driving and what if they switched the meds, I didn't want it to be a problem. Well that was a big mistake! By the time I left the clinic, I had tears in my eyes and by the time I got to Target, they were rolling down my face!

I make my way back to the pharmacy and I give them the two sheets of paper and he slowly walks over to double check he had the drops. I seriously think I would have fell over and landed in the fetal position had he come back and say he didn't have them, but luckily they had them. Tender mercies I tell ya, tender mercies. Then he tells me it will be 15 minutes and I can walk around. It was then when he looked up at me saw how much pain I was in and said sit right there and it will take me two minutes. I was so thankful for this man to be able to see the obvious pain I was in.

I was sitting on the bench and broke out in a sweat and was worried and anxious so I got up and walked down the bandaid isle. Good thing I did. I was gone for less than 20 seconds and a young boy probably 6 years old threw up all the way down the isle in front of the pharmacy counter and into the family bathroom. I missed it coming out, but unfortunately I did not miss the stinch or watching the pharmacist poor saw dust over it and get on her hands and knees and sweep it up. {now that is dedication!} So this little event pushed my meds from waiting 15 minutes down to two minutes and then back up to 20 minutes!

When they finally called my name it was as if my name had just been read for an academy award. I was SO excited to get those meds in my system. I walked to the front bought a bottle of water and bandaids and was still, even through all the pain was able to make a comment on how that was the first time in the history of mankind I managed to get out of target under 50 bucks! To crack a smile hurt, but I was pretty proud of my self, so I took one for the team!

Andy and my mom had called several times while I was gone and finally I was able to make a phone call home and Andy asked what I wanted for dinner. Ah, nothing hun, I want my bed and to be pain free for the first time in 5 days! I walked in the door to the aroma of macaroni and cheese. The kids were pleased and the hubs went a long with it as well. I ran to my room and buried myself into my pillow till just recently when all the kiddos came in to say nite nite. Love those kids. I will be able to love them even more when the throbbing goes away.

Best part of the night was when I pulled up to my parking spot in the lot of the clinic/OB and even though I was there because I was in pain at least I wasn't pregnant! That was awesome.

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Megan and Will said...

did you see dr. tissier? i think i spelled that right... did you like him? i hope he's still around when i decide to have kids! i've heard good things about him. i hope you feel better!! if you need anything, let us know!!