Tuesday, June 23, 2009


There has been lots of this used lately!

I LOVE this shot!
What cute boys!

Monkey see, Monkey Do!

Today was a sunscreen wearing, running in the sprinklers then going to the pool kind of day. Man we have had a hot three days. Luckily it is only supposed to last a week or so then we should be back to normal meaning 80's to 90. I actually do not mind the heat, only if there are ways to cool down, and luckily we have ways. The pool {which we have loved so much}, sprinklers, any kind of ice cream/Popsicles, and AC manage to do that for us.

This morning we decided to head out and run in the sprinkler. I want to get a big fun one, but this one seems to do the job. They had so much fun running in it! I loved just watching them. Unfortunately we had to end for lunch. Nothing like a PB and J with some carrots and apple wedges. They were all ready for naps and Bennett and I got some one on one time in. Love that boy! We will have to see what the rest of the week holds for us. I am sure much more time playing in water and many many many more Popsicles to be had!


gloria said...

i love this so much! man, i wish i could take jordan and we could come for a visit.

Jamie said...

Those are some great pictures. Don't you just love summer time?