Sunday, June 28, 2009


I love summer. Mainly because there are so many fun things to do and Bennett is home. I love having all my kids in our home all day. It is the only thing that really makes me consider homeschooling.

This summer we kicked off late Spring by going to Disney and have a few get-a-ways planned. We are thinking about going to the lake this weekend and a possible trip to Chi town at some point. We really want to visit Nauvoo this summer too. The kids have such a great time there.

We spend our days in the sprinklers, pool and splash parks. We eat lunch outside, we ride our bikes more and go exploring more. Just a lot of fun times.

I have a little schedule we do with the kids too each day. After breakfast, the four older kids have 20 minutes of lesson time. Bennett works out of a work book and I do little preschool lessons with the kids. They love every minute of it. After that is done, we do 20 minutes of zone time. Each child gets their own zone to clean. Bennett gets things like unloading the dishwasher, making his bed, picking up toys, helping in the garden, bathrooms, stuff like that. The little kids get things like wiping down the doors with Clorox wipes, swiffing the floors, wiping the table, and other things like that. Pretty easy, but still teaching the work ethic. For the rest of the day we do some music/dance time, play outside, almost always have a picnic lunch topped off with a Popsicle, and clean up time before naps. After we put the kids down for nap time, which it has been so nice having Bennett here helping with that, Bennett gets his one on one time with me after Paxton goes down. We play with Paxton till then. I have to say that is one of my favorite parts of my day. I love that little guy and getting on the floor and playing with him. So fun! After he is down, Bennett has been learning a new life skill each day. Like I previously mentioned, dishes. He can know rinse off, load and unload and knows how to start it and where everything goes to put it away. We had a laundry lesson. How to sort and start the washer and dryer. I taught him the best way to clean a bathroom. Gardening, Making beds, changing diapers, making quick easy and safe know that sort of thing. HE LOVES THIS! I love that he loves it. I love that he is learning how to work hard and what needs to be done in a house to make it run smoothly. Hopefully I will raise all the boys I have to be so helpful in the home like their dad is...that is a big hope of mine! I start on dinner around 5 so it is done when Andy gets home and the kids wake from their naps.

So all in all, we have been having just a really fun summer. I have so many things I really hope we get to do with the kids this summer. With baseball, t-ball and gymnastics it has kept our evenings and Saturday mornings pretty busy, but other than that, it has been pretty relaxing. I only wish Dentists got off for the summer too...not that would be awesome!

Here are some pictures from my moms work picnic. We have been going with her ever since Bennett was born. I think we have only missed 2. She loves having the kids there. Unfortunately I was late with Maddox, Jadeyn and Paxton because we were in urgent care for three hours, so they missed all the games, but we still had fun. We look forward to doing that every year!

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