Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Little Gym

I have so much fun with the kiddos during our winter semester at The Little Gym. The kids really enjoy it as well. My mom loves it too. You found her at The Little Gym every Saturday right along beside her grandkids. Love that!

I love that Maddox is still in a parent class. I really loved going with him and being with him for 45 minutes straight, just the two of us. He is SO fun and I really cherish the time I get to have with that little one. He and I would leave together first. After his class Andy would meet me there and I would give him Maddox and he would leave me miss Jadie. She had her dance/gym class. She was always so excited to go to this class and all week would show me her "moves", but at the actual class she was so shy and would just stay by my side for the first 15 minutes. It seemed like clock work after that 15 minutes she would get up enough nerve to actually stand on her "dot" and dance. I am really proud with her though, because as tough as it was at first, she really got brave towards the end. She is a mama's girl and does not like me out of her sight, so this was a good thing for her. After that Andy brought me Cortland. He did such a great job right from the very first time. I was so proud of him. We do not get out much and we don't do preschool so this type of environment is different for him and he did great. I loved watching him run around and have a great time. Every Saturday we were there, I thought several times about how fortunate we are to be able to experience this type of thing for our kids.

Our semester ended right before we left for our vacation. It was perfect timing. I am thinking about having Maddox take a class this summer. I want to get all the mommy and me classes I can before he turns three and is off like a big boy too!

Circle time! Can you see that darling look on his face?

Who doesn't like to run? He loves this part!

Jumping on the blow up track.

He loves the beam because you get to jump off at the end!

This thumbs up is his trademark and it just about brings tears to my eyes it is so stinkin' cute!

He was rather excited about his gold medal, if you couldn't tell!

Sweet Maddox! He loves swinging like a monkey!

This was by far the coveted station. Everyone loved the rings!

The jumping track. Always fun!
This is Mr. John and we love him. He is amazing with the kids.
Bubbles and balls were always the highlight of the class!
So sweet.

Maddox decided to stay on the mat's for the song. This was so cute. He loves singing the bye bye big beasts song. I love watching and hearing him do it.
PS my mom cried during this very moment!:) "It's just so sweet, I can't help it!"

Jadie thinking about joining in on the fun!

Ok, now we are in business!
She loves to do scissor kicks!

The beam. Her personal favorite.
Well actually maybe the bars are???

Sitting pretty. Gosh I am in love!

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