Friday, June 5, 2009


We had such a wonderful vacation. Every single minute was so fun with our kiddos. I tell ya, that is the place to be with so many small children. It totally keeps them entertained and wears them out by the time you get back to your resort they are wiped out! Andy and I had just as much fun as them. I am very eager to document the whole trip.

The night before we left my right ear started hurting a little bit. I wasn't too concerned, but couldn't help remembering the great ear ache of 2004. I ended up being in the hospital because of it, so I was a little nervous when it started. By the morning it was a little irritated, but getting ready to leave and make sure we had everything was kind of getting my mind off it. By the time we boarded the bus I could feel it. It wasn't exactly the best plane ride, due to the pops going off in my ear, but none the less it could have been worse.

By the time we got home, it was a full blown ear infection. I have had three now. Once in college, once in Chicago and now this one. Luckily it is in only one ear, but my goodness, the pain is unbearable. I am on serious meds, and it still hurts like no bodies business. The whole right side of my face hurts, I can't hear, my head kills, I have not slept or ate in two days now. I am barely there enough to update my blog. And let me tell you if I have to yawn or cough, you might as well pronounce me dead. It hurts so bad.

Tomorrow is one of my dearest friends wedding. All the girls are flying in for it and it is going to be a big reunion we have been excited for over a year now, so this thing has got to get better. I am just praying so hard that it will just somehow go away. In an hour it will be 24 hours on the antibiotic, and I am hoping magically that will fix this stupid outer ear infection. Seriously folks, I am in my thirties, what on earth am I getting ear infections for!

I am looking on the bright side of things though, as I am laying here in pain and agony I can fondly recall our most recent trip to sunny Florida and think about all the fun we had there!


Fideles Five said...

I'm sorry to read you are in pain. I hope you feel better soon! I'm glad you enjoyed your trip to FL!

Jackie said...

Oh no! Sorry about the pain! How in the world did you enjoy yourself on your trip I will never know. For me, when I'm experiencing pain on vacation, it just makes me bitter. I'm so glad you are so positive about it all! Get better!