Monday, June 15, 2009

Ready to go

In our packed car!!!

Going through the airport!
In the plane!

Paxton being perfect as always.
On the bus going to the resort!

These boys were so excited.

She was too!


The Monday before our big trip I had all the laundry done and everything packed. We used our guest bedroom downstairs for the staging. By the time Wednesday night rolled around, I had many more things that had collected on the bed that needed to make it in our bags. Traveling can be a little crazy and preparing for it is even harder I think. Especially because we were traveling with a baby and four other kiddos. So Wednesday night Andy and I headed downstairs and finished the final details.
Since we found out we had to pay for each bag, we decided for everyone to take a carry on. Something I did not want to do, but I didn't want to pay for them even more. We had so many bags. I had a whole suitcase full of food, snacks, baby food, formula and drinks. I had one huge suitcase with Andy and my clothes along with a huge Cinderella dress that HAD to go. We had a suitcase for each child and a bag for the baby. We also had a bag of shoes and diapers. Then we had a diaper bag and bag full of electronics like laptops, video cameras and portable dvd players.
We packed the car the night before. It was a tight fit. My dad drove us over in our car and Andy sat smashed in the middle while I sat with several things at my feet in the front. Luckily it ended working out.
By the time morning came I had been up several times fearing we missed our flight. Finally it was late enough to just get up. We let the kids sleep as late as possible. We got everyone ready and off we were.
We got to the airport with not a minute to spare due to major traffic and horrible storm and several accidents. We checked our bags with sky cap (ended up checking more than I thought originally,but lets face it is was worth the 15 dollars to not have every person pull a check on bag with us!) got our tickets and off to the gate.
Security was bar far the hardest part of our whole trip. It wasn't bad and nothing horrible happened, but when you have 7 people going through, 10, bags and a stroller and car seat, it seriously takes FOREVER. The kids did great. I was wondering how that part would go with everyone having to take off their shoes, holding the baby, putting all the bags up, having the bottles tested, and on and on. Finally we g0t through. They were so patient with us and I was so proud of our little travelers listening so well! It could have been really really bad. We walked up to our gate and right on to the plane. The kids loved it. They we so excited. I think Cortland and Bennett were a little concerned, but the smile did not leave their face the entire two hours. We had a had snacks. movies to watch, colors and games and did not use any of them! They just had such a great time. Luckily we did not bother anyone around us either, because I was most worried about that. By the time we got our drinks and finished them up we were ready to land!
Everything went so smoothly. We arrived in Orlando and were shuttled right over to our resort. Totally the way to go. Andy and I could not stop talking about how nice and convenient everything was and went. So happy it all went well!

{Stay tuned for much more Disney trip.
I have to break it up or it would be the worlds longest entry ever! }

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Fideles Five said...

I love the picture with everyone smooshed in the back of the car, including Andy!