Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Cortland, My Sweetheart

Notice the rocks in his shirt. Cute, cute, cute!
While at the park I looked over and he was pushing this little cute girl after she called and called for her mom to. Cortland took matters in his own hands. He is such a sweet boy he would have pushed her the entire time we were there had she wanted!

Oh my sweet little Cortland. He is such a sweet, soft sensitive little boy. I can't get enough of him. I am so happy he is a part of our little family. He is so funny. I wanted to jot a few things down to remember he at age 3 and a half!

*He is so sensitive if i raise my voice in the slightest, he bottom lip starts to quiver.
*He loves boy things, he loves bugs, motorcycles and anything having to do with balls.
*I love teasing him and calling him Maddox or saying I can't tell who you are, and he pushes up his eye lashes and says, "here, I will push my hairs up" so I can see his eyes to tell who he is. Like he is snuffy or something. So cute!
*He would sit and watch tv all day if I would allow him.
*I think I could leave him in the house by himself and he would be just fine. He is so laid back and just content doing whatever he wants. He never gets into to anything. Love that about him!
*His color is blue. Everything he has is blue.
*We left his night-night in FL and I finally found one that is similar to his and I didn't think he would notice the difference. When I gave it to him he hugged it and said I love you night-night, then he looked at me and said, "hey did my night-night get his hair's cut?" The new blakets fibers were a little shorter. So cute!
*He is afraid of boom-booms which is thunder.
*He walks himself up to his room for naps and bedtime and climbs in bed.
*When he gets excited his speech slows down because he gets himself so excited.
*Randomly in the car he will say, "Terica, I love you" as if he was saying come on mom leave me alone. It is so cute. For some reason he uses my name instead of mom when saying this.
*He loves picking veggies out of our garden.
*This child is so happy go lucky. It melts my heart.
*He sucks on his right index finger backwards. I love that.
*He adores Bennett.
*I wish I could bottle his laugh and listen to it everyday for the rest of forever!
I am sure I will add many more things to this list.
The list goes on and on. He is too cute for words. I am so in love with him.
I am one lucky mamma!

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