Monday, August 24, 2009

How do you work this thing?

Gosh, I barely remember how to post anything to my blog it has been so long! And boy and I behind, 3 months to be exact. I really hope this week to make a super big comeback and get myself completely back on track and up to date!

A few things in the news around the E household...

A great day has come, the twins can now officially buckle and unbuckle themselves in their car seats. I have 3/5 kids that can do it themselves. That my friends is a real treat! Oh joyful day!

We had more fun than even imaginable in Hawaii. It was the vacation of a lifetime that I still sometimes just close my eyes and picture me there again. Honestly the one of the best weeks of my life. Man, I love my husband!

School started again. Bennett likes his teacher and new school. Seems like we will have a great year this year.

I am working out like crazy and starving myself. Well not really the second part, but that is sure easier! I joined this weight loss challenge seeing four kids in two years did not do this body good, and hope for great results. I need huge results, so I am hoping it all works to my favor. The kids love their gym time.

I have been doing preschool with J, C and M. They LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! I love watching them get so excited. What cuties they are.

Soccer has started and that will keep us busy till the end of September.

I feel so behind on my housework and never feel fully caught up...will that ever change? Probably not.

That is about it. I really need to get going and get this blog caught up. I still haven't even put up our Disney picks from MAY! What is wrong with me? Here is hoping to a very productive week all around!!!

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