Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A visit to the Dentist

We probably get to the office about every month, either picking Andy up to have lunch, or a teeth cleaning, or whatever the case may be. We love the girls that work in Andy's office. They are always so nice and kind to me and the children. Bennett spent a day at Andy's office and had such a blast. Jadeyn spent an afternoon up there one day too. Andy has pics on the office camera that I will have to get soon and apply them to this post. They are such cute, fun pictures.

One afternoon I took them up and Cortland and Maddox were able to get their teeth cleaned. They also assisted in the teeth cleaning. That was so fun for them. I was surprised not one of them were scared or thought it was weird. They loved every minute of it.

He was so teeny tiny in this chair, my little Maddox boy.

The kids all run right to the prize basket when we get there.

Is there anything better than the prize basket at the Dentist's office???

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