Thursday, August 27, 2009

Our week in paradise! chapter one

Oh gosh, I almost don't even want to blog about our Hawaii trip because it was so perfect I am not sure I can even find the words to describe it all. I will try, but I am not promising much.

Our flight was leaving Thursday morning early, so we decided to stay at the Marriott {you can park your car there for up to 8 days} and then be shuttled over in the morning to the airport which is just across the street. We left my the three middle boys here with my parents and then took Bennett and Jadeyn to Marc and Michelle's house, Andy's sister. Bennett had the hardest time out of all the kids. When we said good bye to the boys at our house I knew it was up to me whether or not I sobbed and bawled hysterically of handled it in a normal manner. I did pretty good. When I hugged the baby I had tears in my eyes, but hid my emotions pretty well if I do say so myself. I knew it would all be ok, so why put myself through all that, right?

When we were leaving Marc and Michelle's house Bennett was SO sad. I kept telling him the little kids were handling it better than him, and he said "That is because they have no idea what is about to happen!" So true. To them we were leaving for the night. Bennett knew exactly how long 7 days were. He stood by our car and said take me with you take me with you. It was not helping me with my guilt about leaving them, but I help strong. Finally we convinced him to go inside and allow us to leave. Michelle did such a great job doing so many things with the kids. They went somewhere everyday and that kept Bennett busy. Jadeyn did just fine and she was the one I was most worried about because she is addicted to me. I have to remain in her sights at all times and she even feels better when she is touching me, so I was worried. She did so good. Bennett would call us practically every morning when he woke up. And every morning he would try and fight back the tears and kindly say, can you just come home today please. Luckily as I said before Michelle kept them nice and busy so he cheered up. Funny enough though as if the time difference wasn't hard enough on us, him calling us at 8 was 3 in the morning there. Fun times I tell ya. We would wake up at 3 and force ourselves to go back to sleep till 5 which is 10 our time. So we would be up and ready to go for the day nice and early there in Hawaii.

After we dropped off the kids and drove away it was one of the craziest feelings ever. We were free. There was not anyone we were in charge of or responsible for other than ourselves. It was surreal. It was a weird feeling and kind of relaxing just knowing that.

We got to the Marriott and it was so refreshing to walk into a hotel alone. Awe, that feeling was absolutely awesome. We order room service for the morning and asleep we went. I told Andy before falling asleep we could go home in the morning and it would have been worth it. He reassured me we were indeed going all the way to Hawaii, I could not get out of it. We had a wake up call at 6 am. We hopped right up and got ready and was then delivered our delish breakfast. Out the door we were by 6:30. Yes folks it only took us a half hour to get ready and eat breakfast and get out the door. That is what happens when you don't have 5 other people you are taking care of! Wow!

The whole time getting ready that morning and on the shuttle over to the airport I could not get that giddy feeling to go away. I was just so excited about being with Andy and the bonus in Hawaii on top of it! Again the airport was a breeze with just the two of us. We got on the first flight to Minneapolis and off we were. Oh gosh just thinking about it makes me miss it so much. Gosh we had the greatest time. Then our ride set off from MN to Honolulu. All eight hours or so of it.

I thought the plane ride would be unbearable. I get a little claustrophobic and anxious when in tight corners so I was hoping I wouldn't get any of that this trip. Luckily it was wonderful. Honestly we had such a fun time on the plane. We all had our own personal tv with movies, music and games on there. Andy is a movie guy and we do not get to watch many movies together so he was in Heaven. We watched three movies going there. It was So fun. The kept the drink and snacks coming along with two actually pretty good meals. I loved loved loved it. It really was relaxing. Although they have a map you can watch where the plane is from A to B and I asked Andy if they plane went down would I have enough time to call someone and tell them who we want to leave the kids with. {we do not have a will, I know crazy!} He chuckled and we dismissed that idea right away before I really did start to worry about it.
{The plane was huge. There was a whole other section in the front and another one in the back. I have never seen such a huge plane!}
We finally arrived in beautiful Hawaii. Gosh the beauty is indescribable. They greeted us with beautiful purple leis and took us to the beautiful Hyatt. Boy oh boy was our hotel fabulous. So beautiful. I am so happy I went with the Hyatt. Perfect in every single way. Serious. Paradise.

We walked into our beautiful hotel and it was breathtaking. It was right on the ocean and everything about this hotel was top notch. When I was checking in the nice sweet small framed Hawaiian lady said in her nice sweet little voice, if it is ok with you we went a head and upgraded you to the deluxe ocean view. Ah, yes it is ok. The same thing happened to us at Disney world, how are we getting so lucky? Anyway, when booking I booked the ocean view. They had four choices, city view, mountain view, ocean view and deluxe. The Deluxe was like an extra 168 a night. I wanted to spend most of the time on the beach anyway, so I was ok with just the ocean view. We then took the elevator up to the 34th floor with only 3 floors above us. We walked into our room and we almost fell over it was so breathtaking. A huge door to the balcony where the ocean was right there and you could see for miles miles out. The water was so clear and amazing. We kept that door open most of the time we were inside. It was so awesome just hearing the waves crash and the sounds of the water and city. We also happened to have a beautiful view of the city and mountains. It was paradise. I tell ya Andy and I kept laughing because all we could say over and over was, "THIS IS SO AMAZING!!!" It just kept coming out! And it was. So amazing. Amazing.

We enjoyed the view and quickly changed into our suits after some pictures taken in our room. Off to the beach we went. Down the elevator and 10 steps out and I was in Heaven. Why oh why I don't live on the beach is beyond me. Well actually I don't live on the beach because it is certainly not in the budget, but close to a beach any beach would be nice! That night after walking the streets visiting all the fun little shops we heard of a little place to eat that was apparently really good and really cheap. We decided to try it. It was right on the corner of our hotel. Which by the way, there was like over 150 shops in our hotel alone and our hotel was right on the strip. I have never in all my life ever ever ever seen so many stores. There were four Coach stores within 3 blocks. It was crazy! Anyway, back to the food. It was called Blazin' Steaks. You got a salad, steak, shrimp, and two scoops of rice for 6 bucks. It was so good. Like so good, some of the best food I have ever eaten good. We went back during the remainder of our trip. It was that good and cheap-oh!

Our first day was a success and so amazing. Little did we know that the next 6 days were going to be just as amazing. We feel so blessed to have had this experience. It was simply AMAZING!

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