Tuesday, August 25, 2009


One of the loveliest things about Andy being off Fridays allows us to take little weekend trips here and there. Early in that week we were thinking about going to Nauvoo to see the Pageant, but wasn't sure if it would work out. Well Thursday Andy called from work and said lets just go. How is that spontaneous for you? So I packed everything up and while on the phone with my SIL Michelle they decided to go too! We had a great time. I love that it is just a short trip. Everything is free there and the kids can just run around and enjoy such a special place.
This is Paxton's signature smile. I love it like nothing else. It is so funny when he does it. I am so happy I caught it on film!
I want their gardener.

A little game of tug of war.

Sack races!

Beautiful! It was so bright out, none of them could look at the camera, still cute though if you ask me.

A funny little note about this little weekend trip. Since it was a very quick decision to go I had to act fast and get everything ready to go with about 2 hours to plan. I needed all of the clothes we would need, baby items and a cooler packed and ready to go. I got it all ready and we were ready to go when Andy got home that evening. When we got to the hotel I got out our bags while Andy was getting the kids out and I asked him where the black bag was with our clothes in it. He said it should be out there. It wasn't. So we all had to wear what we wore there for the next two days. Well really just the next day and we were leaving late that night, but still! Luckily the hotel had a great laundry facility that we were able to wash every ones clothes, but my own since I would have to wear something to that great laundry facility. It is things like this that you really remember when it comes to family vacations!

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