Thursday, October 25, 2007

50 things about michael

My SIL had a really great idea. Paige invited everyone to write 50 things about our hubby's. It will be kind of fun to get to know all of our "other halves" a little better and be able to see all the wonderful or maybe even not so wonderful qualities that we fell in love with. So here goes my 50 AND I am now inviting you all to join in on the fun.
50. He is genuinely nice to every person he comes in contact with.
49. He speaks Spanish fluently and every Latin person he has talked to in convinced even though he is a white boy through and through, he is from Columbia because he sounds so authentic.
48. He went to one of the best dental schools in our country.
47. He was the only one of 2 that was married and the only one to have kids in the dental school and the doctors on a daily basis commented on how they had no idea how he was able to do both.
46. He served a mission for the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints for two years in Guatemala.
45. HE met his wife when he was 15.
44. HE is so smart and knows some of the most random facts ever.
43. He is one of 11 children. The third oldest.
42. He loves to run and is hoping to run a marathon in the very near future.
41. HE loves his children and wife more than anything and has always put us first and way higher than any other priority.
40. He has always wanted to be good at basketball. His two older brothers would always play and he always wanted to play with them. He thought if he got really good they would want him to play with them. He would practice for hours and hours to get really good. That never really happend, but he does have a sweet spot.
39. He is a true BYU fan through and through.
38. He has over 200 cousins.
37. His great great grandfather is Heber C Kimball who was a early pioneer of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
36. He was born in the same hospital and had the same pediatrician as Bennett.
35. On his days off he likes to get the kids up and ready.
34. Loves for things to be clean and organized.
33. Doesn't ever really watch TV, unless byu is playing.
32. Likes to read.
31. Loves to be handy around the house. He loves to fix things or make things. Loves when I ask him to do something and nothing ever goes undone.
30. Is the most humble person I know.
29. Went deaf as a child. He was being fitted for his hearing aids when he was given a blessing and was checked again to only see scar tissue. His hearing has been fine ever since.
28. Does not feel pain.
27. Is an Ox. My dad says. For being 5'11 169 you would never realize how strong this guy is. He did carry two car seats everywhere. He pretty much single handedly carried everything in our house including all the big furniture.
26. He takes care of his wife like no other.
25. He LOVES LOVES LOVES sweets. Anything that is overloaded with sugar he loves. Funny he is a dentist right?
24. He hates with a passion more than anything else, shopping. He always says it is the worst torture to him. He says all we do is walk around forever and then never ever buy anything. What is the point he says.
23. I was at his office the other day and he is truly in his element being a dentist. It was so fun to really see him in action and he absolutely loves every minute of it all.
22. He almost received a perfect score on his boards to graduate from dental school. He got a 99 and a 100. The average is 76.
21. He had head gear in grade school. He said he would wear it for attention. I asked why because it had to be negative attention and he said he didn't care, it WAS attention.
20. He has lived in Wyoming, Utah, Texas, Illinois back to Utah and now back to Illinois.
19. He endures my craziness with the house and all the organization.
18. He told me when he was in high school he wanted to be a dentist. I really supported him. I did not know I would be on the adventure of forever school with him. I would do it over 100 times with him.
17. HE is so good with peoples names and goes out of his way to meet people and get to know them.
16. HE makes sure we say family prayers and do family night and scriptures every night. I am so grateful for that.
15. He encourages me to get out for breaks once in a while. I rarely take his offer up, but it is so nice to know he recognises my efforts.
14. HE is an early to bed early to riser.
13. HE is always in a good mood. I am not sure I have ever seen him in a bad mood.
12. His brothers and him ;) have all married really amazing girls.
11. Was taught at an early age how important it was to serve others. Which is actively does everyday.
10. Wanted to change his name to Michael when he was younger and every time they would move he would try and get people to call him that and it never worked. That is his middle name.
9. Once burnt down his fathers green house in Wyoming after telling his younger brother of 13 months that he could not play with fire because he was too young he would burn something down. They all kept running to the fridge to fill their cups with water from the dispenser to run out and pour on the fire. They didn't use the faucet that would be a more obvious choice or better yet the hose sitting right next to the green house. Silly boys.
8. Has really bad eye sight. His contacts are -10.75.
7. Has a great singing voice.
6. Plays with his kids all the time.
5. IS 5 months younger than his wife.
4. Taught himself Portuguese.
3. He is one of the funniest people I have ever met. That really isn't the thing that jumps out at you when you meet him, but he has said some of the funniest things I have ever heard in my life.
2. He has never handeled our finances.
1. He loves me and the kids so much and we know it. He shows us and tells us everday. I am so grateful for that.

Andy, seriously you have made this girl feel as if she is the luckiest gal around. I ask myself every single day how in the world I got so lucky to have you as my partner in crime raising the little ones. I do not know the answer, but I do realize how blessed I am. There is not a moment that goes by that I am not grateful for who you are and who you love and where you stand. You are my everything. Thanks for picking me.


Paige said...

So very sweet. You DID marry a great guy. With a fantastic brother. ;) That "putting out the fire" story cracks me up every time.

terica said...

He does have a fantastic brother. And Brian is pretty great too!:) Did you like my mention of you? A little shout out.

Paige said...

LOL -- I just realized that you put "50 things about Michael" Andy finally got his wish. hee hee

The Kesten Family said...

hey terica!

loved learning more about andy.. can't believe he has such a high prescription. loved the other 49 things too!

hope you are well.. love the new blog