Monday, October 29, 2007

some yummy treats

we have made several pumpkin treats
and halloween treats. including our pumpkin spice cake doughnuts
and our hotdog mummies.

the kids have had so much fun with all the creative food. tonight for family night we plan to make some punky ice cream balls

or punky sugar cookies

or some really good pumpkin cupcakes.

oh the decisions.


Paige said...

Do you use fresh pumpkin for all those recipes, or the canned stuff? Your family will for sure get all their beta carotine and vitamin C this month!

Louisville Dunham's said...

Hey Girl,

Any trick to wrapping those mummy's to look so good? They are super cute and I would love to make on Wed. I am pretty sure my kid guests would LOVE them!!!!


terica said...

no tricks at all. just wrap them with premade cresent rolls cut into strips. wrap around the hotdoag leaving a little space for the eyes and when they bake they look a lot better than before. real easy! have fun! still waiting for your blog!!!!!!!

carrie said...

Oh those hot dog mummies are so darling.