Friday, October 12, 2007


so apparently i am enjoying my new blog. this makes the fifth entry in 2 days or something. i just really want to get adjusted and see by the end of the week if i will keep this one or if i will go back to my "home".

so andy is out of town tonight till tomorrow afternoon. he is only an hour and 45 minutes away, but he will stay up there tonight. i am a wimp and not only wish i didn't have to stay here by myself, but i wish he were here with me. what would i do if his job required him to travel? i can't even answer that question.

so today on my list i need to hang up and fold enough clothes that you would think instead of 6 people in the home we had 20. i need to work on our master closets. i also want to mop our wood floors. this will be the first time since we moved in. i think they need it. as much as i like, well love to clean, a cleaning lady occasionally sounds real nice once in a while.

tonight my sil michelle and her friend chelsey are coming over to scrapbook. at first i was not real excited for the fun because i have plenty of projects i really need to do outside of scrap booking, but maybe this is just what i need. a little break from the madness. it should be fun. i am excited to get some school books done for the kids k-8. we'll see though. the part i do not like is going to the basement and hiking it all back up for the night.

i also am going to try and download some pictures today. be sure to check back for new photos. i know these entries are way more fun with pictures to look at.

my furniture is coming on monday and i am a little excited about that.

i hate my cable company.

i got my hair done last night. i needed a color, i was starting to see more grey than brown, and a cut. all i said was i did not want red or orange or any variation of the two. guess what color my hair is? um, a reddish or orange. i guess i am in style for the holiday? i am a little sad about that. and it isn't nearly short enough. it is a little frustrating. when you pay that kind of money for you hair you want to like it at least and hope to love it. she did really good last time. should i give her another shot?

one really exciting note is we started the week off on monday at 96 degrees, that's not the exciting part btw, and today it is a chilly 67. i love it. i love this weather. i would really love a few weeks in the 70 degree zone. is that too much to ask?

hope you all have a way more fun day planned out other than cleaning and exercising with reddish orange hair!


Mindy said...

Sucks about your hair, though I'm sure it's adorable. Can I say I'm SOOOOO happy your on blogspot now? It's so much easier to make a comment!

Mindy said...

Oh, can I come scrapbook?

Paige said...

I want to see your hair! I bet you would look great with reddish hair. But I am partial. I have been searching for years for the right auburn color. I *would* go back and ask her to cut it shorter, though. I love your new blog, btw. :)

janet said...

Love, love the new blog. I always wanted to post comments on your spaces page, but didn't want to take the time to do it. Your kids are all super darling and seem like perfect little children! I love that you have a little dark eyed baby. Can you believe our little babies are now in first grade? it's crazy...