Sunday, October 14, 2007

Lots and lots of Punky's

Last night we set out, being the adventurous couple we are, for yet another pumpkin patch. Andy was not able to go to the first one, so we decided why not do another one. Really this one was a little bit different though. This was the fun farm.
They had lots and lots of activities for the kiddies. They even had a spooky hay ride which was by far the biggest hit of the night. Bennett was a little scared. Peter Pan the movie scares this child, so we were not too surprised. The twins the whole
time had a look on their faces like
what on earth have they gotten us into now? Maddox, oblivious.
It was a perfect night because it was a cool 70 degrees
which is really perfect for this kind of thing.
What a fun time we had. We have Cami staying with us off and on while her parents are in Hawaii. The pumpkin patch was fun and all, but I am pretty sure I would take Hawaii over the smell of roasted weenies any day.
Oh and the title of this blog refers to
Cortland saying all night last night,
lots and lots of Punkys.
He calls pumpkins punkys.
Could it get any cuter than that?


Paige said...

Don and Joy are in Hawaii???

Stephanie said...

Made those cookies tonight...ummmm SOOOOO good and yummy! Thanks and keep those recipes coming! I just can't believe how cute those kiddos are of yours!!!