Wednesday, October 10, 2007

to paint or not to paint, that is the question

so here i am in my new beautiful home wondering if i shall paint. do i want to color these near perfect white walls? i don't know. i have some worries about that. i know it will look good, but once i have all the colors up will it look like a rainbow in my home. i like very clean cut straight lines. will i get that same look if one room is a gray blue while another is a butter yellow and another is a mocha brown? i don't know...someone tell me what you think? let me know what you have done and how you feel about the color in your home. maybe i should start upstairs and see how that goes because i have a really pretty rose petal pink and a baby blue with chocolate brown stripes that I am really excited about. Oh yeah and then I have to somehow figure out how to incorporate spider man into bennett's bedroom without it looking to much like an elementary classroom. anyway, your thoughts would be greatly appreciated


Amy Simiskey said...

PAINT!!! definitely paint. it won't look like a rainbow. you can have some neutral rooms (and of course keep your hallways neutral). so far in our house we've painted "butter" (sam's room), "sycamore green" (family room - the kitchen will be a shade darker green), "latte" (the top half of our dining room), some dark chocolate brown that i can't remember the name of (bottom half of the dining room and the inside of a couple of art niches in the entry hall), and "smokey blue" (our master bedroom). so, obviously, i like color!

Chelsey said...

I agree, paint! Congrats on the house!!!