Saturday, October 27, 2007

I love my mom

my mom deserves an award for this past week. it is weeks like this that i am soooo grateful to live closer to home.

as mentioned in an earlier post I was sick and all four kiddos were sick as well and then by the end of the week andy was sick too.

my mom is off on mondays and monday she came over and went to work. she loves my kids. she just adores her grandkids like no other. they are everything to her. she is just so happy around them and cares for them so much. i am so grateful to have a mother who adores my kids. that makes me feel even more special to her.

so monday she came over early with presents for the kids. jadeyn was in dire need of fall/winter clothes and grandma couldn't resist buying pink for her. then she did all my laundry which was probably about 5 loads. {we have a lot of laundry around here btw.} she swept my floor and did all the ironing and that was while the babies took naps, because when they are awake she is way to busy playing with them, chasing them and hugging them like crazy to be bothered by chores. i was even able to get to the dentist for some much needed work while she watched the kids. {i have a really good dentist btw.;)}when i got home i was so happy to see everything done and look so neat. she even put together all my great grandmothers china and set it up in our new hutch. it looks so great. she sent me to nap when i got home and held down the fort until andy came home.

what a good mom. i hope to be like that someday. someone who really cares about her children and their children's well being. she is completely selfless when it comes to us. i am so grateful for that and one of the things i am most grateful for is being taught how to be such a good grandma first hand. thanks mom for all the hard work and the endless amount of love.

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