Monday, October 29, 2007

little quirks

my little jadeyn and cortland are so funny. i mean really funny. i wanted to jot down some of their quirks for my benefit.

*the do not like tv, but they will watch the whole episode of YO GABBA GABBA which is probably the craziest show on tv.
*when they find anything they shouldn't have like something small to choke on or scissors or food that is not theirs of a picture frame or anything like that they will immediately run it over to me.
*jadyen is a human vacuum or she inherited my passion for cleaning. they toy room never has a toy on the ground. everything has a place in jadeyns little world.
*when cortland gets sad or his feelings hurt his bottom lip puckers out and quivers. it melts your heart.
*they love baby maddox and shower him with kisses all the time.
*the eat more than i do i am pretty sure of it. andy has nicknamed jadeyn the goat because she will eat anything at anytime.
*jadeyn loves to draw and will carry around her magnadoodle where ever she goes. like a little puppy trailing behind her. real cute.
*cortland loves to be chased and will say get you get you and start running to be "gotten"
*they are twins and they live up to all the stories you hear about twins having a closeness that is undenyable. they are so sweet to eachother and are always holding hands.


carrie said...

I love little baby friends. So cute.

Andrea said...

call my crazy, but I LOVE Yo Gabba Gabba! The guy on it just cracks me up!