Monday, October 29, 2007

block partay

not only are we so grateful for the home we live in, but we are so grateful for some really great neighbors. we have been blessed. this weekend we had a block party. everyone on the block showed up. we live in a culdesac so we have one street and it is so fun. we had lots of great food and good treats and then we carved some pumpkins. the kids had such a great time. it is so nice that we are all kind of new to the neighborhood so there are no pre established friendships. we are all new and ready to meet and greet. we have had treats from just about everyone on the block already. i love it here. how'd we get so lucky?
now onto the not so lucky section...
notice how blury my picture is? something is wrong with my camera...very very wrong! i have an appointment with best buy TODAY!

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