Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bennett's Birthday Party

Since I have STILL not posted about our Disney World trip last year, I am going to be sure to be caught up before we leave this time, so when we get back I can jump right into it.

This year for Bennett's birthday we just did a little party here at our house. We did a day at the theatre, only here at home. When they got in they were given "money" and got to go to the consession stand. They chose their treats got popcorn and some juice and we watched bolt. They all sat pretty well through the whole thing.

Then we went outside for some games and presents and cupcakes. They all had such a great time. All 20 of them!


Bonnie and Brian Wayne said...

Those cupcakes look great. Sometime I need to do the switchover to those. I could really go for avoiding cutting cake a million times every party!

Can't wait to see the Disney photos!

Anonymous said...

Was that Jason Greenwood at the Party?

Fideles Five said...

I love the cupcakes! I was thinking of doing something like that for the girls summer birthdays, you'll have to let me know where you got the cupcake holder....and how you made the cute little B's and 8's!!! You'll have to email me!