Saturday, May 2, 2009

feeling grateful

well the house is quiet and i was really hoping to be asleep by now, but i was just sitting here thinking how grateful i am. i am so grateful for my family, my beautiful children and my amazing husband.

another thing i am so grateful for is blogging. i know that sounds so weird, but as i was going through some old entries (circa 2004) i was reading what i have wrote and all the comments so many wonderful people have made and i am just so grateful to be able to write out my feelings and have them recorded for generations to come. i love that i can keep in touch with so many wonderful people we have met along the way and so happy we are able to keep up with andy's family as well. i love that even though i really rarely see my nieces and nephews i feel as if i know them so well.

i am a lucky gal, i definitely know that, i feel as if i have won the lottery of life. although not perfect, pretty darn close on the things that really count.

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Bonnie and Brian Wayne said...

you are so cute! i need to do a grateful post - you have inspired me.