Friday, May 1, 2009


So since we have been talking about a vacation since about January, we have been a little confused. We confuse ourselves I tell ya. First off the plan originally was that Andy and I would go to Hawaii in August for our 10 year anniversary in August. We have planned that for quite some time. Well actually since we got married 10 years ago we said we wanted to go there for our 10 year anniversary. Anyway, planning that was a little stressful. Just knowing I would have an 11 month old I would be leaving was really sad. THEN trying to find people to watch the other five was proving to be a little stressful. I gave up. It was all too stressful for something that I wanted to enjoy and it was far from enjoyable just planning it.
So as Andy and I were talking about taking a family vacation we thought about just going somewhere local here and time and time again Disney World kept coming back up. It was weird because we had just gone last year and said it would probably be another 5 before we came back, but Andy really thought the kids would just love it. So I got looking into that. We were looking at 7 day packages staying on the resort and also a 4 night land 3 night sea package.

With the ages that our kids are Disney is actually really good. It is tiring so by the end of the night they are wiped out and go to bed really easily. Pretty much everything at Disney World is for them. We will be going the last week of May first part of June so hopefully it won't be too packed or too miserably hot.

So yesterday I had two different packages on hold and we decided to NOT do the sea and land package. I am just thinking that may be too much especially for now with so many little ones. So we are just doing the 6 night 7 day stay. AND we are FLYING which should be REALLY interesting. Can you imagine the looks on the other people on the flights faces when we walk in! I figure it really wasn't that much more to add on airfare and it is only 2 hours direct flight opposed to 15 hours driving and stopping for stretching and eating and sleeping and all the potty going my newly potty trained kids would be doing. So although those 2 hours could be cra-zay, at least it is ONLY 2 hours. I know I am crazy. We are crazy we already know that.

Just for good measure I thought I would also add that every single person from DISNEY I talked to yesterday ALL said, "NO YOU DON'T HAVE YOUR HANDS FULL" when I would need to tell them our children and their ages...real original Disney, No I have NEVER heard that before!
We will need well wishes and good luck high fives that is for sure! So heres to hoping we don't come home NEEDING that Hawaii trip and if we do anyone up for watching 5 kids? Just kidding!


Anonymous said...

I definitely saw how hard your days were when I watched the kiddos for you, but I also have a new found respect for how you handle everything. I only have three and I am losing my patience way too much. I would help you again in a heart beat!! Love Ya Terica.


Megan and Will said...

Well, if you change your mind and do want to go to Hawaii..Will and I would be more than willing to play and take care of 5 cuties!!! ;) Maybe next year you can! hehe Have fun at Disney!

Fideles Five said...

We'd love to meet up with you...we're just a few hours from Disney World....when are you coming to Florida??