Saturday, May 9, 2009


Yesterday I took the kids to The Little Gym for a make up class all by myself. We took Bennett to school by 8:30 then off we went. They did pretty good. Cortland had his class first then we all got back in the car and had a snack and drove around for a little bit then Maddox had his class and the twins sat on the side and Paxton in his car seat and did not make a peep. By the end the twins wanted to get up and run with the other kids, but they did so good. Then we all got back in the car had lunch and waited for Jadeyn's dance class. Then we all went in for Jadies class. By then end of her class it had felt like I pulled something in my back or as some would say my back "went out" whatever that means. At the end of class I had to buckle 3/4 back in and lift the baby's seat up and reach over the middle seat again. Being short this is not as easy as it sounds. Actually I am pretty sure it doesn't sound easy. Anyway, so by 1:00 pm I have put the kids in and out 8 times. I probably shouldn't wonder how my back "went out". So that being said, on the way home after all this Cortland tells me, "Oops, I just ate my money!" Yep, he sure did! He ate a penny or maybe a dime or a nickel or for all I know a quarter although I doubt that.

After talking with him about it and realizing he really did just eat his money and it was indeed in his tummy, I called the doc. No one was there. she said that obviously it got down so that is a good sign. To call back if he gets a fever or if he starts to throw up. Ok. So now we play the wait game. You know to see if it comes out on it's own. Honestly though, I will have no idea because
I haven't even been looking for it. I am guessing, and let's hope, he will be fine.

Cut to this morning and he is walking up the stairs with his little scissors and says,
"mom, I will cut my hair for you!" after hearing me tell Bennett for days he is over due for a haircut and I am just not interested in doing it. Here little Cortie, thinks he is helping me out. He did quite a great job. He cut up right to the scalp and right in the front. Nice work my friend. Luckily the messy sticking up or any which way look is in. He will be sporting that for a good while.

Well Cortland, thanks for an eventful last couple of days. You are sweet and funny and 100% boy, but what I like most about you is that your mine. All mine.

*picture coming soon

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