Thursday, May 21, 2009

Random thoughts

I have so many crafts in my head I need to do. I need to make bows for Jadeyn's recital on Saturday. They should be easy. I want to make a diaper holder for the diaper bag and maybe snaze up a wipes holder even though I like to keep mine in a baggie. I also want to make three bags for the three middle kids to take with us on our trip. The airlines will let each person take on a bag and a personal item. So their personal item holding snacks, games and things will be these bags. I have some darling fabric that I hope works. I need to get on that. Like soon. I am making up the pattern in my head, so it should be interesting. I also need to come up with some awesome teacher gift for the end of the year. My Christmas gift was just too awesome if I do say so myself, so I feel like I need to step it up a notch, which is going to be hard.

Last night while laying in bed I told Andy I was feeling a little anxious about our vacation next week. A week from today we will go. I am really excited, it is just the unknown. With all of our small children I just hope they all do well. We will soon see I guess.

Thursday is milk day and the kids love Thursdays because of it. We have milk man. It is so fun. The milk is delish and is delivered in glass bottles, the only way I will drink milk, it is organic and only a few cents more than if I had to go to the store for it. We have loved it so far.

Yesterday I spent the whole day at Bennett's school. From 9-2 to be exact. It was a long day. Paxton did much better than I did. They had a geography B then a bunch of games outside and then we ate lunch with them and then an awards ceremony. It was pretty fun, but made for a very long day. Bennett loved every minute of us being there. EVERYONE loved Paxton. He was such a spectacle. It was pretty cute, how much the kids and teachers loved him!

Yesterday was the first day our new babysitter started. Through the summer she is going to watch the kids every Wednesday for me for a couple of hours. I will be able to run to the store and get some things done that I need to and will not have to do it when Andy gets home or later at night. I am really excited about that. SHE IS AWESOME! The kids have not stopped asking about her and for her, even Jadeyn who is perfectly happy when mommy is home, but when I leave she gets SO sad. She loved Sarah and did so well. They all love her and that makes me so happy.

Well that is about all. My allergies are kicking my bootie. I hate them so much! Hooray for Kris! What an awesome guy. Him hugging his wife at the end was SO sweet. That came out of no where for me. I didn't think he would make it very far, but at the end he proved to deserve to be there. He is very talented. I am so happy for him. I just remembered I am in charge of treats tonight for baseball, oh boy! Gotta run!

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