Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

On this mother's day I am full of gratitude to not only be a mother, but to have such a wonderful mother and other women in my life who have been shining examples of just what a good mother looks like.

I am grateful this mother's day for my five beautiful children. I awoke today to five laughing children running into my bedroom all to early in the morning, showering me with cards and gifts they had made. I felt honored to be there mother.

At church it was such a great Sunday. Jadeyn and Cortland sang in church today for their first time since being in primary. It was SO cute. I loved the speakers today and the Young Women taught the Primary classes so we all got a break from teaching our classes. We had a great lesson and at the end they had a little home video presentation. Andy ordered one and I hope to put it up on the website at some point. SO cute. I cried from the very first person. Husbands and children gloated on their beloved mothers and wives. It was darling. I could watch it again and again. Each child's personality just shown so bright. There was not a dry eye in the room. Such a great feeling it was in there. I am not sure I can even do it justice by trying to describe it. When it was done, I was met at the door with darling homemade flowers and treats by my kids. So fun.

I have to say something about my mom as well this day. She has really taught me a lot while growing up. She has always been supportive and caring. I have to say though what I really appreciate at this point in my life is how she is a mom to me still even though I am grown and have a family of my own, she still shows she cares by doing such great selfless acts as my mother. Her help and love she shows my family goes beyond measure. I am so thankful for that. I feel so fortunate to have her in my life and live so close to her. Thanks mom for everything you do for us.

I am also so grateful for other great woman in my life, like dear friends, my mother in law and my amazing sister in laws, grandmothers, cousins and aunts. I have sure been blessed by so many great woman in my life.

Today in church one of the girls gave a talk on Motherhood and I heard a story that I have heard before and had been searching for ever since. I loved it and finally have a reference. I hope you enjoy the message as much as I do!

Kristen was finishing a graduate degree and had recently given birth to her second child. She felt the other graduates had accomplished so much more and was reluctant to attend the graduation dinner. Her fears were confirmed when, at the dinner, the students were asked to list their professional accomplishments. Kristen recalled: “I suddenly felt embarrassed and ashamed. I had nothing to call myself, no lofty position, no impressive job title.” To make matters worse, the professor read the lists as he presented a diploma to each student. The woman ahead of Kristen had many accomplishments: she already had a PhD, was receiving a second master’s degree, and she’d even been a mayor! The woman received grand applause.
Then it was Kristen’s turn. She handed the professor her blank sheet, trying to hold back the tears. The professor had been one of her teachers and had praised her performance. He looked at her blank paper. Without missing a beat he announced, “Kristen holds the most critical role in all of society.” He was quiet for a few seconds, then declared in a powerful voice, “She is the mother of her children.” Instead of a few courteous claps, people rose to their feet. There was just one standing ovation that night; it was for the mother in the room. Bonnie Parkin

I do believe that mothers do hold the most critical role in all society. We may not receive awards or accolades that we know of, but the things we do as mothers provide so much more than any awards could possibly do. I am so grateful for this knowledge.

So HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all you wonderful mothers, grandmothers, sisters, aunts, friends and women out there! There is a lot to celebrate this day!


Jackie said...

Oh I would love it if you put that video clip on your blog - Neal's mom told us about it and I wish we could see it too! Terica, you are an AWESOME mother and I hope I can someday be half the mom you are!

Laura said...

Ran across your blog and found this entry. Thank you for sharing that story, it is wonderful.

You have a beautiful family.