Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Tonight when Andy got home we spent some time together out front. Most of the time we play outside it is in the back with in our lovely fenced in back yard. Sometimes though I like to change it up a bit and go out front and let them ride bikes and run around and feel the freedom!

Andy found a frog and the kids had such a fun time looking at it from afar and laughing SO hard every time he would jump. Cortland was just tickled to death by this thing and Jadeyn thought he was so cute and Maddox was scared. He would run to us with the look of great fear in his eyes every time the frog would even blink.

I was sitting on my rocker skimming through a new cookbook and hearing all the sounds form all these children and I just had to close my eyes for one moment and take it all in. I was in heaven. The laughter and words and screams of delight were just so comforting to hear.

You know there are some times during my day that I think, can I really do this, am I cut out for this, don't these sweet kids deserve something better? I do wonder sometimes, but even though they probably do deserve better, I am so happy I am getting my chance at it. I love every minute of it.

I love the stages they are in right now. Bennett is such a big boy and such a great helper. I love his little disposition. I love that he will still hold my hand walking into a store or even at school! I love the twins age. Within the last three months or so they have aged like 2 years. Seriously three months ago they were still stringing words together and now they are saying things like, "Mom I am not going to do this because I don't want mom mad at Jadeyn," or "Mom that froggy jumped and then said ribbet in my ear." Such big long sentences when months ago I was still trying to figure out what they were needing. Maddox is at such a fun stage where he thinks he is big stuff, but really is still a baby. I have to remind myself this. Like when Bennett was two and would say something like WATER FOUNTAIN MOMMY like Maddox did last night I would have thought he was so smart, and with Maddox since he seems like the twins age, I didn't think much of it. I am going to be better at recognising these types of things. He is so darn cute, and yesterday looking at a 5 month old picture of him, I want to push his rewind button, where did baby Maddox go? Paxton, Paxton, Paxton is 7 months old! Seriously there is no way. He is sitting up, eating foods, has two teeth now, giggling, scooting and pretty much has stolen every one's heart. I love him so much and am so grateful he is mine.

Today I was at the mall and I saw someone there who is expecting there second child and she said she is having a boy, and that now they have one of each they are done and have hit the quota. I felt as if she was maybe implying you are crazy we are normal and stopped at three. I can appreciate only having two kids or one child or three or 18. Just because I have five does not mean I think everyone should just like I think that someone has 2 shouldn't think they that is all anyone should have. I can say one thing though, I was happy with one and happy with two and three and happy with four, but I can honestly say, I have never been happier than I am with having number five. I am so blessed. This I know for sure.

*coming soon new pics, I promise!

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