Sunday, May 17, 2009

A heating pad

A heating pad is what we need after our day yesterday. We FINALLY have a garden. It is beautiful and after we were all done Andy yelled, "we are officially adults!" I guess a marriage for almost ten years, a home, two cars and five children didn't quite do it!

I am so excited. We spend a majority of our food budget on produce and spices so this will be so nice. Here is what we have...
* pickling cucumbers
*grape tomatoes
*bell peppers
*dill, oregano, cilantro, basil
*a surprise ( the tag came off one pot so it looks like it will be a surprise, but Andy and I think it is kind of fun and will maybe do this every year.)

Man that sounds like a lot of things, it doesn't look like it, but then again the plants aren't in full bloom. This is our first garden so I am not expecting much, but anything will be nice.

We also kind of elevated it a little and put stones around it. It looks really nice, but became a little pricier than we first thought. We love it though. Now we have two more things of landscaping we want to do and plant a tree in the back and we are done! I will be sure to grab some great photos!

We are so exhausted from our day. Luckily we had a sitter lined up and we able to go out last night. It was so fun after a long day. We made it an early night though and quickly came home to sleep! So hopefully this week along with a field trip, a school party, baseball practice, base ball game, scouts, guitar lessons, a birthday party, the little gym and a recital, we will be able to get back in our yard and finish. I am now officially tired, just from typing that out! I am off to bed!

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