Sunday, September 13, 2009

Feeling a little inspired...

It is quite an understatement to say that I have slacked off on my blog. For a while there, the world around me was just going so fast that I took care of my family and that was about it or so it seemed. I have made a comeback though folks and it is quite nice.

Since I found out I was expecting our sweet little Paxton about January of 09 I have been tired and quite sick. After I had Paxton I was still tired, but who wouldn't be with my load, right? About 2 months ago I casually bought a mag at the grocery store check out line for a raw foods detox and there was an article in there that really was meant for me.

I knew I was tired and didn't seem to ever have enough energy for what I really wanted to get done, but like I said before, Andy kept saying you have five kids it is ok to not get it all done, you should be tired! Well anyway, I read an article about people who have low blood pressure and anemia and other symptoms which I had all of and why they are sluggish and what to do about it. There were two suggestions to take and it should help they said. Sure enough, drinking 80 ounces of fluids a day and increasing your salt intake has helped tremendously. Now I was always busy and did a hundred things a day, but now I do them and am not totally wiped out for a long time. It has been so nice.

I also tribute my working out and eating better to the sudden inspiration to do better as well. I was working out twice a day and that was just to hard to keep up on the house while doing that. So I have taken it down to once a day and have lost 6 percent of my body weight so far. Not too bad, if only I still didn't have so far to go. Oh well, I am working on it and love doing it actually.

I sometimes shock myself at the end of the week when I think about all we have done. Just this weekend alone we have done 2 soccer games, the little gym, a slumber party with Michelle and her girls for a pink party while the boys went to a father and sons camp out, a slumber party with my mom, church, canned salsa, made cupcakes twice, discovered a new fabric shop and stocked up on some awesome fabric, cleaned the entire basement and out the storage unit, donated 3 bins to the goodwill, went to dinner, played with the kids and made some forts, rearranged the basement family room, watched a movie, made some awesome dinners, spent time with the hubs, cleaned the second floor and detailed. Yes I have SO much more to do on my list, but how I managed to do all that seems crazy. Don't get me wrong it is not like I am impressing myself, I just get tired thinking that I have done all that like there is not enough hours in my days!

This week I am planning Paxton's birthday and plan on crafting a lot and just maintaining my clean house and that darn laundry that shows it's ugly face EVERYDAY! Plus the gym everyday with the kiddos. Should be a good week, I can't believe my baby turns one this week!

In my efforts to do better, I plan to do two a days this whole week. Not in the gym, but on my blog...hope this works!!!!

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Fideles Five said...

Good for you! I thought you were going to announce something.....LOL
You go girl!