Friday, December 18, 2009

Bennett's Christmas Class Party

Some of the party snacks.

The little gift we made Mrs. T.

Even though I kind of by default was nominated as Bennett's class room mother, I have actually really enjoyed it. I love finding something to put all my party energy towards. I love throwing a good party. I have had my fair share of doing so this school year.
This year I put most of the party together in our hotel room for Andy's company Christmas party. We had so much fun. I walked out of the hotel with 21 wrapped presents. I looked funny for sure.
For the party we had delish treats and snacks. We played several games. We played Bingo. We also played a game where there were 21 wrapped gifts and you had to go get one unwrap it and rewrap it and put it back under the tree and see who did it the fastest. It was really fun. The kids had a really good time as did we.

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