Saturday, December 26, 2009


It is no big secret that we run ourselves ragged during the whole Christmas festivities. I have to say it is still fun though. We do manage to see everyone and fit everything in and by the time January rolls around it is kind of a nice break, but we love Christmastime none the less. We normally spend Christmas Eve day with the E side, Christmas Eve night at my grandparents, Christmas morning here, Christmas Day with the E side, Christmas night with my other grandparents, and the Saturday after Christmas at my parents house. That wears me out typing it all out even! It is all so fun. At some point I know it will die down a little so we are enjoying now while we can, but I have to say my favorite part is the night before Christmas with just my little family and Christmas morning with just us. It is so fun. We just love being together and after all the hustle and bustle just be together. I love it. We eat our big breakfast while listening to Christmas tunes enjoy our gifts, play our new games. It is just so much fun. I love that we do get to do our own little thing during that time and it is nice after so much going on. This year I had my camera out the morning of Christmas and a little at my grandparents house, but not much more so I do not have many photos to show for it, but we all had a great time! I was so impressed by Andy because he got me a jewelry armoire. I was so excited and surprised. I have wanted one for years, so I was very happy. He also surprised me and got me the Pioneer Woman Cook Book. I LOVE it! What a sweet guy. Jadeyn's Christmas consisted of dolls and more dolls and doll clothes and a doll bed and more dolls. Cortland got a Diego game for his leapster and toys and movies, Bennett got some Pokemon, ds games and Lego's. Maddox got a drum set that was his big hit of the holiday. Paxton got little baby things and was so excited about opening all the presents. He is adorable!

Before the children came in.

Getting ready to see all that Santa brought!

They were so excited to see Santa ate our cookies!

They just sit real quite and open their presents and then yell out what they got. It is so much fun to watch them get so excited!

Poor Bennett had caught the sickness that had been going on right in time for Christmas day. He just laid on the couch. Poor kid. It is just not as fun when you are sick and want to be so excited about everything!

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