Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Family Visit's

The E side!

Michelle and I. I love her.
These boys are so funny!


These two girls just adore each other.

It is just always a party when they are around!

These four are so stinking cute! This will be such a fun picture to show them in about 20 years!

It is weird to think they are like only 6 months apart in age. Haley towers over these two!

Playing some Christmas Bingo.

Marc is one of the kids when he is around. He runs around with them. He is by far the most fun to kids.

Karl is so tall he could not only reach the ceiling going down the vaulted ceiling over the stairs to the basement, but he could change the light bulb!

Fun fun times. I think Aunt Cherise and Uncle Karl are a favorite as well!

Play time.

Maddox wanting to get in a picture with Haley.

Marc put these shades on Maddox and he just laid back like this forever. It was so cute. Note to self...buy more sunglasses.

On the computer.

We have a ball when the E side gets together. It is loud and crazy and so so much fun. When Brandon and his family comes to town it gets even better. Our kids are just the very best of friends. Bennett just adores his cousins and cherishes ever moment he has with Taylor and Bradley. Most of their moments are on the computer. Bennett is NEVER on our computer. He is just not that into it, but B's kids show him the ropes and they play all kinds of games. They also play a lot of board games and hide and seek and just have such a great time. I can just not express how badly I wish they lived here, but I digress... The thing that I loved loved this time was how much fun Haley and Jadeyn had. Every time I turned around they were playing a card game or some other game and they really didn't know what they were doing, but they just loved being together. It was just so darn cute. I love that they love each other so much. Michelle and I did mention though that if we did live near each other we would never get anything else done other than spending time together. So for now, we will have to do just with the visits we get from them! I will take what I can get!

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