Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Random January

Looking so cute for church.
Cortland loves his nite nites and if he green and blue one are not clean the pink one will do. As soon as he gets his nite nites his finger pops in his mouth.
Bennett and his best friend {future wife} Karli.
Playing our memory game. We play this game a lot and by a lot I mean every other hour.

This baby makes me want 100 more just like him. He is just so amazing.

I love how well the little kids and Bennett play together. They love playing together. They were all hiding from Bennett and Bennett would come around the corner say Gotcha! They loved it!

These two love each other so much. Nothing like a hot chocolate milkstache.

So pretty for church!

While going through some pictures I saw some random photos that I had not used on my blog yet and they were too cute or fun to miss. I love these little ones so much!

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