Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Welcome Christmastime and welcome to you!

Welcome to our home.

Love this wreath. I wish you could see it's beauty in this picture. Note the darling little hand welcoming you in. What a perfect tough for holiday cheer!

Tree number one. This tree we have most of the ornaments that are meaningful. Like baby's first Christmas or little ones the kids have made.

I love our five little stockings. I love the peace stocking holders I scored last year too!
How amazing is this cross stitch that my mother in law made. Someday I will get it framed professionally not just in our family frame makeshift!

Tree number two that never really takes a good picture. I really like it in "real" life. This tree has more of the breakable ornaments and bigger ornaments.

My stairs. I just love my banisters this time of year.
Another shot!
I just added these frames here from our family photo shoot, still not sure about it,
but love the pictures for sure!
My little sleigh to hopefully fill with Christmas cards!
Possibly my favorite Christmas decoration in our home.
Some fresh beautiful winter flowers.
A beautiful Holiday cake!
A decoration I made long ago.
A cute little decoration. This year I decided to keep the knick knacks at wrap and just bring out a few. I like this idea and will probably just do this every year and rotate my things!

Love this tile. So true. Wise men still do seek him.

I even spiced up my hutch for the holidays!

Just a little look into our home this holiday season.
I am so happy for all the wonderful times that will be had within these four walls this season.
Merry Christmas to all and hope you enjoyed your tour!
*I do plan to add some outdoor shots hopefully. I love our outside this year. Andy did a great job up on the house risking his life. It was worth it:}!

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