Sunday, May 25, 2008


Now this is more like it. The nesting has begun. It has been a long 21 weeks of doing nothing yet feeling so very tired, wore out, sick and oh did I mention tired?

Welcome lovely side effect of pregnancy. Thanks to you I have done more this last week than the first 20!

Now the question is, will Andy like it or not? He has been the sole man around here as far as getting important things done. Now he will have help, but I think in the last two days I have already drove him mad with my mad ocd skills! Andy if you are reading this I am sorry...for then and now:)!

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kellyfamily4 said...

Hi Terica, its Nikki(Perkins) Kelly I hop eits ok i found your blog through Michelle. I haven't seen you in forever, and was glad to find you guys. We have hoped on the blog-wagon as well... ours is we also have lots of pics on to hear from ya soon, take care! NIk