Wednesday, May 7, 2008

What was I thinking you ask

This weekend is so busy that for now I am choosing not to even think about it. Seriously.

A, Bennett and Cortland are going on a camp out, (should be really fun. I am sad to miss Cortland's first camping outing. He will be on cloud nine.) weare getting our fence, bennett has a baseball game, Mothers Day and for some crazy reason I have decided that I should do a yard sale at my moms annual neighborhood yard sale. See, what WAS I thinking allowing my schedule to get so packed?

Yard sales alone are a lot of work, but this is crazy. When we moved in we moved all our storage stuff that had been in my parents basement for 4 years through dental school into our basement. In early January I decided okay I have 5 months lets start going through EVERYTHING in our basement and get it ready for our yard sale. Sounds good until morning sickness, well all day everyday and night sickness hit, and everything has been sprawled out on the ground of our basement since. So LAST NIGHT mind you we started going through it all.

I am so excited to be doing it and getting rid of it all. It feels so good. I am the opposite of a pack rat. I have to have order in my home and no clutter. I do not work well with any sort of clutter. So the past four months just knowing what it looked like down their drove me nuts. Anyway, we were up till one in the morning. That is not good for me. I need sleep. Especially these days. One in the morning did not always seem that late to me, now I am asleep most nights by 9 or at least want to be.

We did get a lot of it sorted through and put away. I really wish I knew what I was having because I could get rid of more baby clothes. But I don't so I have bins upon bins of baby clothes. I could probably clothe a small county. No kidding.

Today I need to get back down there. I really can't do a whole lot by myself because I am determined not to be put on bed rest this time. So I do very minimal by myself. But I only have 2 days now to get the show ready.

Writing this right now I am realizing all this for what? 26.50?

So this weekend, will be packed full. I am kind of excited to get it over. The kids will have a fenced in area that they can run around in till their little hearts content. This will be a lifesaver to me. And next weekend we will be busy planting all weekend. I am looking forward to a day of yard work. Sounds better than sorting through junk anyway.

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Karyn said...

The yard sale is a great AMerican tradition! Generally it doesn't pay well, but it is good for de-cluttering, people-watching, and reminiscing about your junk. Good luck!