Friday, May 2, 2008

I Feel Old

This morning I sort of slept in. I love that Andy is off some Fridays. It really helps with my sanity. I slept in until the concrete guy came to convince us we needed to go with him. Don't think so buddy. Sleeping in to me is seriously one of the biggest gifts I could ever be given. Andy even got to sleep in a little bit because it was storming in the morning and the kids all slept past 9 because it was so dark. So we both got a little treat.

I got up and got myself ready and decided to hit the mall and a few other places I had been wanting to go to for a while. It was Jadeyn's special day out. We had a great time. She got a cookie and two pairs of flip flops and a cute little dress. She had a fun time. It is weird because it isn't until my kids are by themselves that I can see how big they are getting and how old they are. She was acting like a big 2 or possibly 3 year old. It is surreal to me. I love when I get some personal time with each of my children. I love it. I love the interaction that takes place that sadly doesn't happen as much when we are all together. I love that little girl. She is so fun and so sweet and keeps me on my toes. There is not one thing I would change about her. Even if she has potty trained herself when I didn't want to have to deal with it yet. It could be worse right. I got to cross a lot of things of my list to buy and I even got mothers day gifts out of the way.

After a few hours at the mall we went to Kohl's. We walked around there for a while too. We had a great time. She scored a few fun things there too and even thought of her brothers as well. After Kohl's I needed to run to Babies R US and Sam's and I just couldn't imagine making it there. I was so beat.

Now I remember when Bennett was at this age and younger when we lived in Utah and I could run literally 15 places in one day and not be tired or winded at all. Now flash forward 6 years and yikes, I feel like I have less stamina than my grandma does at 80. Could it really be all about age? I mean I know I am pregnant and just wore out running around after these little ones and still recovering and gaining up strength since my rough 15 weeks, but come on. I am a wimp.

After we got home we all played outside. All the neighbors were out and we all had a good time. Bennett and the kids are in Heaven having a yard and neighbor kids to play with. It is great watching them all have a great time.

After playtime we all went to Sam's and then I hit babies r us. It has been such a day I tell ya. I wish I had the energy of a 24 year old, or at least the energy I had as a 24 year old. But I guess those days are gone, long gone. I AM old.

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Jackie said...

If you are old like you think you are, you sure make it look easy and glamorous! Seriously, you are radiant! I can't say that about too many 24 yr olds...