Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Where did my pictures go?

I was looking at my blog and noticed that for like the past 5 blogs or so I do not have any pictures! So I decided to go through my files and found a lot that I need to update so here we go...

Bennetts school picinic which was so fun! My mom went with us thankfully. It was so much more fun than the ones my school used to have. They had some rides and several of the bounce around things and tons of fun carnival games. The kids just loved it all so much. They played games all day and had so much fun. We came home with several bags of prizes and lucky for me the prizes were not all junk either. They also had a cake walk and all four of the kiddos did it and won. Their cake they all picked was a bucket instead of a cake, filled with lots of yummy things like hostess snacks and chips. And now they all have buckets to play with out back. They also had hotdogs, pizza, nachos, pretzels and pickles. A total carnival type of foods too! It was a fun day. Here are pictures to prove it.

Maddox loved just running around the cafeteria where he had open range. They were doing the cake walk in there and the music was loud and he had such a great time just dancing away. Once I decided to get the camera out he was a little worn out, but still cute. He is a dancing machine. Oh and yes I know his pants are about to fall off his non existent bottom, but he is just so dang skinny there is nothing I can do about it! ***blogger still will not let me upload photos so I guess you won't get to see him

Yes, I know this was Bennett's picnic, but he would not stand still long enough to get any pictures of him. It is safe to say he had a really fun day.


Bennett's birthday paties!

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