Wednesday, May 14, 2008

More Pictures...

Two beds to choose from and this...
There are two beds in Cortland's room right now. He loves his toddler bed, but the crib is still in there and occasionally he loves to sleep in there, but this night he decided under the crib was the best option. Who am I to judge?

A long day
This is how we found Bennett after his party. After we put the babies down he wanted to play with all his toys, but when we came down this is how we found him. It was a long day for this big guy, new toys or not, he was tired.

Look what I can do
Jadeyn is our little artist and book reader. You can find her all day long either reading a book or coloring. She loves both so much. She is always so pleased with her art work too.

Cortland, are you close enough?
My kids do not watch tv. The just don't. Not because won't let them, because believe me it would be nice once in a while to let them watch while I get things done. They will, however, watch a few minutes of Yo Gabba Gabba. One night before our bedtime routine started, Cortland pulled up a chair and just sat there for like 15 minutes. It was so funny. He had his chair about as close as he could get. Funny boy.

Bad Mom Alert... ok, not only did I put my little BOY to sleep in GIRL pj's, he also slept on his be like this. Well until I came in to check on him before I went to bed. He managed to pull his mattress off his toddler bed and proceeded to lay on the bed slats. He was actually asleep like this. Luckily I went in to check on him, we put his bed back together and he laid by me for awhile until he stopped saying "ouchie, kiss it". Poor little guy.

Visits from GrandmaMy Grandma comes and brings us lunch once a month. We have done this since we have lived here and it has been such a fun little tradition. The kids love it and I am grateful for the time we get to do this together.

Bath time Fun These two love taking baths. The have so much fun in there. All three of them do. I love watching them splash around and having such a good time.

I love it I love love LOVE when babies sleep like this. It looks so cozy and SO DARN CUTE and then top it all off with being Maddox! be still my heart. I love this boy!

Princess JOh this girl is a riot. She got a new princess dress up and although she was twirling around, and acting all "princess like" she still wanting to wear Cortland light up Elmo tennies. Funny little girl.

Sunday Best One Sunday amongst the hustle and bustle of getting everyone out of the house, I looked at the twins and just noticed how darling they looked. So precious. I just love these two!

Cherise goes to prom

She looked so pretty. Her dress was beautiful. She was just so beautiful.


Jackie said...

I love the sleeping pictures, especially Maddox curled up because that is how Aedan sleeps too! I can't believe Cortland actually fell asleep on the slats!

Anonymous said...

jayden is soooo pretty!! I wish i could see everyone more often.