Thursday, May 22, 2008


i cannot believe american idol is over, although i remember back in january thinking, this this is going to go on to the end of may!

i have mixed emotions about the results. to tell you the truth, i was completely liked both davids. from the beginning i thought david a. was such a sweet kid with an amazing voice. david c. certainly grew on me, probably billy jean week. he really is good.

i really thought without a doubt that david a. would win. i thought for sure! when they read david cooks name i seriously thought he said the wrong name by accident.

i wanted david a. to win mostly because he is younger and his style music will be harder to market at this moment than david cooks. i thought david cook either way would be fine and being older i thought he would take it better. for both of their careers i felt it would be better for david a to win. he could ride the american idol train and sell millions to all those teeny boppers and david cook would probably do better on his own than be buckled down to the american idol train...kwim?

anyway, another american idol season done and over with. it was a long, really good season i think. here's to next season, now i am getting ready for so you think you can dance. this is the only time during the year i can appreciate my 52 in flat screen. the only other times it is truly appreciated in the house is during yo gabba gabba, conference and an occasional byu game oh and oprah when i have time. so thank you nigel, for allowing me to get some use out of my free tv.

oh and one more thing. i was telling my sil while she has been over here for an american idol0-athon, how i really think america totally got it right this time with the top two. they are both really talented and seem to be super genuine and kind and humble. at least it seems to me. they both were so gracious. i loved david cooks comment on about how at this point, the bottom two, it is no longer a competition they are both happy for each other. i loved that. and i was telling michelle perhaps we should look into doing our presidential races like this. the government gets it down to 24, 12 repubs and 12 demos and we hear them speak and do little bits and get to vote each week. at the end of it all there would be about the same amount of voters, 97.5 million and we would have a president we felt like we knew, heck he might even sing well...


Anonymous said...

O funny!

Sarah taped it for Matt and when he came home we all wathed the results show. However, the tape went out right when he got the envelope. Isn't that awfully funny.

I was a little bumbed that cook took the title too, but I just joined the show in the end. I didn't get to know him. But all the Utah david excitement, it just felt right!!

I love that u get into so you think you can dance. I never have but Adam and I love last comic standing!lol..

and I'm a grey's girl and am devoted every thursday night. Its the only time I actually want to sit down to watch tv.. (sorry for the forever long story)

Christy said...

I LOVED every second of it! I like both of them but I think David Cook was ready to win. David A. needs to grow up some more. He is so sweet and cute, but so young. They will both be stars though. I'm sad it is over.

Jackie said...

Neal wants to know where you got a 52 in free tv... Did it come with a house? :)

Bonnie and Brian Wayne said...

LOL- whenever I think of A.I. I totally think of you and the wyview days we would laugh at the worst people EVER. Those were the good ole' days of Justin and Kelly.

8 seasons (or something like that later) and its the two Davids - whom I both liked as well.

And for the record - I think that WOULD be awesome to enjoy AI on a big 52" screen. Pretending is good, right?