Sunday, May 18, 2008

What's the Difference?

I have decided that with each pregnancy there has been major differences. It is kind of weird to me. I am the same person, only getting older each time, with a baby, which, btw, I have always had a boy in tow, so I simply do not know what makes the difference. (Wow that was quite the sentence!) The individual baby, I suppose.

Baby #1...So Bennett, was my first. I really loved being pregnant. A lot. Looking back I had a lot of weird things going on with me during his pregnancy, but I still loved it. The worst side effect, was the carpal tunnel. By the 7 month I was wearing borrowed hand guards for rollerblading, because I was too cheap to purchase the proper wrist guards I needed. I could not even bend my wrists and sleeping was so painful especially when I would wake up and had bent my wrist unknowingly. Ouch! I couldn't even hold Andy's hand. Another weird thing was that my teeth went down the tubes. I was 23 and had never ever had a cavity in my life. I went in for a cleaning and was told I had 9 serious cavities to fill. Looking back Andy and I think he was eager to make a few extra dollars and it probably wasn't as bad as he had said, he was a little sketchy anyway, but none the less, I had 9 cavities filled. NOT a fun day, mind you. Last but not least, I had gotten about 150 planters warts on my feet. I know. It is gross. Very gross and not fun either. I had to have them burned off with out any pain meds. Oh the fun times. I didn't feel very well in the beginning of the pregnancy either. I also didn't start showing really till late in the pregnancy considering when I do now. Although at the time I felt I was huge. Oh and not to mention I went three weeks over and had an 11 pound baby, I was HUGE in the end. And to think I loved being pregnant and when he was two weeks old I wanted another one already. When we were on the way to see my new niece in the hospital I told Andy I wanted another baby and he simply said YOU HAVE A BABY!

Baby #2 & #3...J and C. Not only was I shocked with the pregnancy, I still don't believe it sometimes, I was sick, but more exhausted and hungry. The day we had the ultrasound to confirm the multiples pregnancy, I felt so weak and exhausted. It was hard. I could not go more than 20 minutes without drinking or eating. I visited Costco a lot. The things I loved, were fruits and veggies and lots of them and Rotisserie Chickens with tons of hot sauce. Weird, I know. I probably had about 10 of them in my first trimester. The good thing was that although I was sick, I could eat, so that was a bonus. I was also in the hospital quite a few times for dehydration, which was not surprising because I could not eat and drink enough. It was weird. I didn't have other weird side effect though like the first time around. I also had lots of doc appointments and non stress tests. Those were lots of fun. I really felt like I lived at my doctors office.

Baby#4...Sweet Maddox. He was pretty easy. Yes I was sick. I was pretty sick with this one, but the good thing was I was so preoccupied with newborn twins that it really didn't phase me or I didn't have a lot of time to think about not feeling well. He was just as sweet inutero as out. He barely gave me any problems. I am thankful for that. Another thing that was nice is I wasn't too eager to get him out like the other 3. I liked being pregnant with him and the longer he was in the easier life would be. So the time of course went super fast. Way faster than the first two pregnancies.

Baby#5...I have to say that although I do not have any weird problems like I did with Bennett, this has been the worst, BY FAR! I have never in my life have been so sick. It was a horrible first 16 weeks. I am so thankful that I am feeling so much better. I have sure learned even more to be grateful for my health. I was in maternity clothes by 10 weeks, which isn't fun either because when people ask you how far along you are you only wish you could say longer than you are and when you say how far along you are people looked shocked or have nice comments like are you sure there is only one. Thanks people, I get it, I am huge! This pregnancy I am wanting to take as long as possible. As much fun as they are when you have them and you get this tiny baby to hold and love, the truth is they are much easier inside, so he is welcome to stay as long as needed. All my other pregnancies have completely consumed my life. Every thought was centered around the baby I was carrying, but honestly this time I have to remind myself or convince myself that I am indeed pregnant. I like it this way. Although the other day when I was running up the stairs holding Jadeyn and Cortland I realized I need to make a better effort to remember not to lift, I am pregnant here. Note taken, and I will not be doing that anymore. One last thing with this baby is I lost about 14 pounds in the first month of pregnancy, because I was so sick, and I have gained almost 2 pounds since. So I am technically still down 12 pounds. I gained a quarter of a pound from last month to this month and my doctor says, "Oh did I not mention that you are supposed to eat when you are pregnant?" Then asked me if I liked Oreo's and ice cream and eat them even if I don't. This pregnacny nothing sounds good, I gag with everything I see or smell, I just do not eat and I really try. Well the baby is 10 ounces right on track so apparently he doesn't mind and as long as he doesn't I am quite happy with it.

Anyway, I think it is weird, that my pregnancies have been so weird and different. Even with all the "fun" little things that I have dealt with I still love every time I am pregnant and love the end result. Good thing, right?

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