Sunday, May 18, 2008

What's in a name?

Many of you have asked if there was any meaning behind the names we like. The answer is yes, well sort of.

At the end of my pregnancy with Maddox I really loved the name Paxton. But being so close to having him I didn't want the name to be my son kind of on a whim, so we didn't go with it. And it always seems like I have too many names to choose from that I like, I certainly did not need to add another one.

In all honesty it will probably be Paxton, but you never really know with me. I am the lady that the birth certificate lady keeps coming back to for days asking, "you gotta name yet?" kind of like saying how long have you had to decided and you still can't.

I always said my last little boys name would be Dallin if he were a little blond haired boy. So if he comes out being a little blond haired boy, there is a good chance that he will in fact be named Dallin. I do love Paxton and we kind of have been calling him that since we found out he is a little boy. But, don't think the name poll is all in vain because I really love the names Sawyer and Porter too, so who really knows...Paige I know you are loving this!

I said I knew for sure that if she were a girl it would have been Avery Kathlene. I have had an attachment to the name Avery since 2001 after we had Bennett. I have to say though my all time favorite girl name has got to be Elle. Andy is not a fan though, so that is why Jadeyn is Jadeyn. Maybe someday if I have a girl Andy will give in, but we will see. Kathlene would be after our two mothers for the middle name.

All of our children's middle names have some sort of significance. I am having the hardest time with this boys middle name. I could use one of the other names that we love with whatever we chose for this boys first name, but every other child's middle name was after someone really special, so I cannot really do that. Although, I cannot come up with anything!

Bennett has a first initial to his name which is R. I know it is weird and people have had a problem with it. The reason he has this is because all four of our grandfathers who have been amazing wonderful people and examples names start with an R. So instead of choosing one of them, we decided to incorporate all of them. Plus their names are Richard, Rodney, Robert and Ralph, none that we particularly loved either by the way. And Bennett's middle name is Michael after Andy.

Jadeyn's middle name is Caroline. I wanted Kathlene for this one, but it just wasn't right so we went with Caroline which is my best friends names from high school. IT fits her perfectly and the two names just flow really well together. And both Andy and I have Caroline's on both sides of our families.

Cortland's name we knew early on that we loved. When we were living in Utah wanting desperately to be pregnant, we went to a little art show on campus and there was a painting that was so breathtaking and moving. His name was Cortland Kimball and for some reason I knew that we would have a son with that name. It was reassuring because we had been tyring for all of 6 months, but wanted a baby so bad, so this was exciting to us. Kimball is Andy's moms maiden name and his brother Jake middle name is Kimball as well and Cortland was born on his birthday so it was meant to be.

Maddox's middle name is Lee. My middle name is Lee and so is my dad's middle name. I was going back and forth between Phillip and Lee and Lee just sounded right. I was kind of sad, because Lee was supposed to be Elle's middle name. I went back and forth with this for days and when Andy called home to tell his parents the name I still felt like maybe it wasn't right, but needless to say now it is perfection, just like him.

So we come to this baby. I've got nothing! I mean nothing. First off nothing seems to go with Paxton or Dallin, or Sawyer or Porter for that fact, so I just don't know. I would use my maiden name, but it is not one of those maiden names that can really be used so I am lost. Help would be nice. Andy thinks Phildon would be great which is Phillip and Don combined. No thanks hon. And he thinks he is rather clever and always suggesting the names; Readon, Writton, Bad, Old, Broken or Speakon. If you know our last name you can see why he thinks he is so funny. Don't think so big guy.

And one more thing. The good thing is since I have not repeated any letter for the starting letter of my children's names, I cannot start now. This is a good thing, because it would add so many other options that frankly I do not need.
See what I mean, I like too many names. This is a problem. In order for me to use all my names I seriously would have to have 215 children I think. Oh well, I guess in 119 days the mystery will be over and I will know his name.

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what about your maiden name?? as i have no clue what this is, that might be really silly..